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Criminal Minds

CBS is always on the hunt, looking to mix things up for the next season. The network is busy beefing up its shows, including the Criminal Minds spin-off, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is the second spinoff of the police procedural drama series Criminal Minds and the third show in the Criminal Minds franchise. The first spin-off, the Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior was canceled after its 23 episodes. CBS hopes that its second try will make a good run for the network.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders is basically an American police procedural series created by Erica Messer and produced by The Mark Gordon Company in partnership with CBS Studios and ABC Studios. The story revolves around a group of elite team of FBI agents that help American citizens who are in trouble abroad.

The cast includes the actors behind the famed CSI-NY, which include Daniel Henney, Tyler James Williams and Gary Sinise. The spin off’s introductory episode featured a new FBI team tracking down a killer in Barbados. The killer is a particularly elusive one. That’s why Agent Hotchner was brought in to track down this elusive killer and bring it to justice.

The good news about this spin-off is that it still getting some traction and good ratings. That’s because the CBS has created very good jobs in introducing the crowd to the show’s new, internationally-based characters.

But despite its successful launch, CBS still might have a serious problem here, the renewal of its parent show, the Criminal Minds: Season 11. The network is still taking its time before making a decision whether to renew or cancel Criminal Minds.

It looks like CBS has completely changed its focus, it’s now eyeing toward the spin-off, leaving the parent show unattended. CBS has thrown a lot of its weight in this spin-off the show, this makes the life pretty tough for the parent show Criminal Minds. Without the guidance and direction of CBS, the show might end up with a cliffhanger.

Added to the twist is the spin off’s growing popularity in the international space. CBS believes that the spin-off, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, could have the stronger chance of going on-air for a much longer time compared to its parent show because its theme centers in the international scene.

The spin-off has clearly stood a much greater chance of long-term survival here, particularly in a highly congested TV space where franchising from TV shows such as Chicago Fire has overcrowded the scheduled with same-but-different-scripted hours. This could spell serious trouble for the parent show, which currently struggling on air. As the spin-off grows bigger, its parent show’s chance of survival gets smaller, threatening its very existence.

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