Cristiano Ronaldo gets personal

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Cristiano Ronaldo is a gorgeous man and he knows that.

Speaking on the Jonathan Ross show Thursday night, Ronaldo admits that he is playing the field with “a few” different women and will never reveal the identity of his son’s mother until the time is right.

On being asked whether he has a new “special someone”, Ronaldo said: “‘A few. I have to figure it out. Some know [they are competing]. I am normal.’

‘To speak serious, it is not easy. I know 50 per cent approach just for [celebrity] interest… It’s normal, not just me. All the famous people have these kind of problems.’

‘I think I am a confident guy. I’m tall, have all my teeth, have a nice body.’”

The 30-year-old football sensation split with model Irina Shayk earlier this year following a five year relationship and since then has been romantically linked with a string of women.

The four-time Golden Boot awardee Ronaldo informed that he is enjoying his single life and said that he has not yet found the right person to settle down with.

Rejecting public pressure Ronaldo said that he will tell Cristiano Jr the identity of his mother when “the time is right”.

He also informed that a third Ballon d’Or victory in January might be hard and insists that Barcelona’s Lionel Messi will regain the crown.

“This kind of trophy depends on votes and Messi won competitions,’ Ronaldo said.

“He won the Champions League and La Liga. In terms of individual [performances] I probably did the best season of my career, which is good. I was the highest scorer in Europe.”

“We share this stage at FIFA for eight years. No-one did that in the past, only us. So it’s good, I have a good relationship with him. We are not old friends but we respect each other.”

Hinting on the possibility of a return to Machester United later in his career Ronaldo said, “As people know I like Manchester United, I love that club. In my mind I want to finish at the top level. I want to finish with dignity.”

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