Danai Gurira and fans sick to the stomach on Walking Dead Season 7 violence, Michonne helpless transformation

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The premier of Walking Dead Season 7 has brought new changes to the Walking Dead series that starts with the introduction of a new powerful villain, Negan. Actor Danai Gurira says these tests will change her character Michonne’s future relationship with Rick Grimes.

Is it for the better, or will Michonne be too affected that it’d completely change her perspective?

Negan starts by testing Rick, falls short of cutting off Carl’s arm, and it leads to the eventual death of two beloved characters Abraham and Glenn, shocking Walking Dead fans with a new level of violence.

Surviving execution by barbed-wire bat “Lucille”, Danai Gurira said in an interview with Good Morning America, as reported by the Gossip Cop, that the violence made her “sick to my stomach.”

It wasn’t easy watching Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Sgt. Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) suffer their final fate, as the highly anticipated Walking Dead Season 7 drama unfolded in an eerie “eeny meeny, miny, moe” sort of death count, while the rest of the characters witnessed it helplessly.

“I thought it was very, very powerful to lose characters that we love that dearly, who are such astounding characters, who are, in so many ways, the heart and soul of the show,” Danai Gurira said.

“To lose them, I thought it was very important for us to see and feel that loss, because that loss transforms everybody. It’s devastating.”

The end of the episode left Walking Dead fans heartbroken, reeling from the gory turn of events at the expense of Glenn and Sgt. Abraham. Will we see some fans quit following the series due to its controversy on violence? Danai Gurira defends its necessity.

On how Walking Dead Season 7 had initially turned out, Danai Gurira said that “As an audience, you walk through it with us. Everyone’s response is utterly valid. I mean, it was horrifying to sit through… But the transformation that it causes us as a group couldn’t really have been experienced unless you walked through that experience with us.”

So what’s to be expected from hereon with these new drastic changes, especially with the developed relationship between Danai Gurira ‘s Michonne character and Walking Dead leader Rick Grimes?

“We’ll have to see what the aftermath will be for these two,” she said. “They are very much in a committed love-filled relationship. They fell in love as best friends but they are in a moment of complete and utter transformation and what will happen as they pick up the pieces. Nothings the same.” Danai Gurira said according to ABC News.

“This man [Negan] has changed everything. He’s walked in their lives and everything they knew and everything they thought they knew is completely transformed.”

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