Days of Our Lives spoilers: Hope in despair

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Days of Our Lives spoilers
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For Hope, it is the time of reckoning — the most anxious day of her life that will settle her fate or set it back by a decade or two. This is the backdrop of the show before we unfurl Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Hope has to face the terrifying decision that the judge makes as far as her killing of Stefano is concerned. Will she be executed or does a life in prison lay before her? As it is to be expected she feels extreme emotions including anxiety. She is simply terrified. Justin is putting in all efforts to get her off as lightly as is possible but the judge does not seem to look at the case in a favorable light for Hope. And worst of all the Judge is Fitzpatrick and she owes allegiance to the DiMera family. Hope is hoping against hope that death does not embrace her all too soon according to Days of Our Lives spoilers.

Adrienne exploits the situation and utilizes it to gain the upper hand. On the outside, she stands beside Justin throughout the strenuous situation. He is doing whatever he can to Hope off the hook even in some little way but like Hope’s attorney he is not getting decent results. Justin can’t take it anymore and finally breaks down on Adrienne’s shoulders. Adrienne has the task cut out for her, to make sure Justin goes after the judge if things get messy.

On the other hand, Deimos is on a winning streak. He has Dario and Eduardo on his team. He loves the fact that his agenda is starting to pick up steam. All this while his allies are unaware that what his allies seek from him is going to cost them. They have no clue that someone is listening to the conversation all this while. It is Blanca and that fellow might stir up some considerable drama in the future.

Every piece is set for the drama to unfold in the coming days, according to tvovermind.com

Celeb Dirty Laundry has some Days of Our Lives spoilers in that Hope will get 25 years in prison without provision for parole.

Picture Courtesy: Jennifer/ Wikimedia Commons

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