DC vs. Marvel film? Stan Lee approves!

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Heads up, Marvel and DC fans– the father of Marvel, Stan Lee approves of a DC vs. Marvel movie! However, the legend says it’s quite complicated and close to impossible.

The healthy rivalry between the two giant comic book publishers has been going on for ages both on the comic books and film franchise, and a movie starring the two sides could offer a big boost on both ends as it will be a big talk for the fans and could increase the possibility of bringing in new fans.

The two publishers have already done a few crossovers before which is called an “intercompany crossover” such as Batman and Captain America, Justice League Assembly/ Avengers and Batman and Spiderman. However, some of these crossovers are canons.

Stan Lee, the former president, and chairman, the “father” of Marvel, the creator of  Spiderman, Hulk, X-Men, Thor, Iron Man and many other fictional characters, spoke about the crossover movie in MegaCon in Orlando.

He said that a movie that includes both of the publishers would be “terrific” as they already did a few crossovers before, but would most likely be impossible only because of “the lawyers and the businessmen and the contracts,” and that it would be difficult to determine ” who gets what and whose name comes first.”

Lee, however, shows his approval over such production, saying everybody would want to see it if it is pushed through.

Although it is highly impossible for the two companies to join forces to bring out a phenomenal film, fans are still hopeful that it would come true one day.

For now, both companies are busy with their individual movies line up, with DC’s Suicide Squad showing on August 5, 2016, and Marvel’s Doctor Strange hitting the big screens on November 4,2016.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram/ Stan Lee

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