Deadpool 2 cancelled: Director Tim Miller quits sequel after clash with Ryan Reynolds

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Deadpool 2
Deadpool 2

Deadpool was one of the biggest superhero movie hits of the year, backed by a strong cast, R-rated humor and its brilliant director.

Unfortunately, for Deadpool 2, it will never be the same.

Director Tim Miller officially announced that he is dropping out of the Marvel (anti) superhero movie sequel citing creative differences with lead actor Ryan Reynolds. Though there was no contract signed between Miller and the execs of the Deadpool 2, the director was initially poised to again take the reins for the movie, when Fox gave the green light for the sequel.

The first movie was an unexpected hit, grossing $786 million worldwide, opening on Valentine’s day this year. Apart from reinvigorating a seemingly declining Hollywood fan base for Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool launched Miller’s directorial career, after serving as a visual-effects specialist for many years.

Tim Miller was also largely credited with helping make the Deadpool movie a reality having a hand in the leak of test footage of the film which elicited a viral response from fans. With the fan reaction, Fox was convinced to release the pursue the film, after leaving it in limbo for several years since X Men Origins: Wolverine.

Todd Phillips possible replacement for Tim Miller in Deadpool 2?

But with Miller’s departure, could the future of Deadpool 2 be in question?

Fortunately, Fox, Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the Deadpool crew are still pushing through with the project, although are still yet to find a director for their film.

Some sources are suggesting that the Hangover director Todd Phillips may be a suitable replacement having manned the helm of similar R-rated action movies. Nevertheless, whoever gets the job will definitely have some very big R-rated boots to fill.

Meanwhile, Tim Miller is already moving forward with his career, jumping to another Fox movie called Influx, an adaptation of the novel by David Suarez.

If all goes well for Deadpool 2, it should hit theaters by January 12, 2018.

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