DNCE frontman Joe Jonas explains ‘Cake by the Ocean’ weird interpretation; Promises won’t make break up songs for ex-gf Gigi Hadid?

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DNCE frontman Joe Jonas explains Cake by the Island song promises break up songs unreleased
DNCE frontman Joe Jonas explains real story behind “Cake by the Island” weird interpretation & promises not releasing breakup songs for ex-gf Gigi Hadid.

DNCE frontman Joe Jonas shared about the band’s thankfulness for being nominated for the recent Video Music Award. He also explained the real meaning behind their new hit “Cake by the Ocean.”

The dance pop quartet band, which comprises former Jonas Brothers frontman Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, JinJoo Lee and Cole Whittle, made everyone curious about their latest hit song “Cake by the Ocean” and its underlying meaning.

He told Entertainment Weekly that the song is taken from a real experience of one of the band’s members. The track itself is included in an upbeat album which contains tracks taken from funk music as inspiration. Although some tracks will be emotional, the band promised to take the listeners to a “good place.”

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And one of the tracks included is “Cake by the Ocean” that sounded odd. When the band was asked about it, Cole Whittle revealed that the song was actually taken from his first-hand experience when a police officer ran into him.

At that time, he thought he did something terribly bad that made the police decide to chase him. Instead, the latter showed him his phone with a video of his huge birthday cake on a speedboat. That experience resulted to an incredible song which made every listener stun. Consequently, the song became a hit and an attention-grabber.

With their new VMA nomination for Best New Artist, they stated they’re surprised. They didn’t expect to receive such award since 10 years as a band. “We didn’t expect that. We’ve all been doing this for over 10 years so to be up for Best New Artist is kind of shocking, but it’s [an] honor,” Joe Jonas said.

When it comes to music, Jonas also shared that writing songs became his personal therapy especially during his downturns. One of the most notable was his break up with Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid only after six months of dating who also dated Zayn Malik shortly after the incident.

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Although he put his emotions to pen and paper, he said he doesn’t have plans to release them in public. Yet, he told The Sun about the possibility that these songs will be leaked later on. But if that happens, he’s open for explanations and won’t deny writing them.

In fact, he’s willing to share them in the future because those words were “therapeutic” and created a big part of his healing process as he moved on from a painful split.

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