Donald Trump says ‘I would win’ against Obama at golf [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump has called Barack Obama out at golf and believes that he would beat the President of the United States of America.

Donald Trump is known for his smack talks. The chairman and president of The Trump Organization was recently present in South Carolina where he was asked about his idea of facing Obama at golf and how he thinks he would fare.

Video courtesy: dailymotion.com/DailyPolitics

“I would win. No seriously … I would.” Trump said, as reported by TMZ.

Donald Trump also boasted about how he has “many club championships” under his belt. However, the man from Queens, New York City did not mention any specific tournament.

Trump stated his love for golf and also asked President Obama to make a few changes regarding his golf partners.

“When the President plays golf its okay, but he should play with people he wants to make deals with … congress people and people from other countries … Not just his friends.” Donald Trump mentioned.

Obama reportedly hits in the 90s while Trump is known to shoot in the high 70s. The fact that Donald Trump can play the game good has also been proved by famous golf coach Hank Haney.

Video courtesy: YouTube.com/ArmLifter

The heroics have been carried out by Trump. The challenge has been put forward, it is now to be seen what Obama does or speaks in return. This should get interesting if both of them feature in a game of golf.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has also predicted the general election. He believes that he would be facing Hillary Clinton and that both of them will draw “the greatest turnout in history.” as reported by CNN.

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