Orange is the New Black Season 5 Spoilers: Netflix cancels series? More deaths expected?

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Orange is the New Black Season 5 spoilers cancellation in Netflix
Orange is the New Black Season 5 rumored its cancellation as Netflix’ employees reportedly had a mass strike. But the report was debunked & was proved fake.

Netflix was rumored to cancel Orange is the New Black Season 5 due to the company’s employee issues. According to rumors, there were 78 employees who failed to come in for work.

However, this rumor was debunked as TMZ Uncut’s motive was discovered. Based from the existing reports, this new site was considered as a hub for fake news. The official TMZ celebrity site affirmed that they have no direct connections with TMZ Uncut.

Snopes explained that TMZ Uncut existed for entertainment purpose only. Hence, they don’t necessarily write true stories to its readers. Because of that, writing about Orange is the New Black Season 5 cancellation was proven unreal.

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In addition to that, Netlix has not made any further announcements about Orange is the New Black Season 5 cancellation. Not even its exact date of streaming was declared. All they have stated so far was the show’s arrival in 2017.

Proof of the series’ presence was the actors’ Instagram photos of their filming that showed Orange is the New Black Season 5 release remains true without the threat of withdrawal. Danielle Brooks, who played as Taystee in the series, published a selfie captioned “Home. @oitnb.”

Co-star Adrienne C. Moore, who played Black Cindy, felt excited about the new plot as well as its new twists. With that being said, many fans wondered how the cliffhanger in season four could continue especially to the characters anticipated to die next to Poussey Washington.

There were several names identified. In our previous report, the closest candidate was Lolly Whitehill who accidentally witnessed a murder. With the help of Litchfield counselor Sam Healy’s explanation, Lolly believed that she wasn’t responsible of the crime.

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Aside from Lolly, Piper Chapman’s name was determined. She was notable as the leader of the inmates inside Litchfield prison. Her character was disliked by many Orange is the New Black Season 5 fans. Based from rumors, she’ll suffer from Stella’s revenge. Perhaps, her death could be foreseen.

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