The Ring 2016 trailer fails to surpass original Japanese horrifying film; Sadako sending emails a joke?

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The Ring 2016 trailer spoilers
With Hollywood’s second attempt to reboot Japanese Ringu, The Ring 2016 trailer still fails to surpass the original 1998 film as the plot appears like joke.

After a series of attempts to adapt a Japanese iconic horror film, The Ring 2016 movie tries to scare the audiences and surpass the success of the original movie. Unfortunately, the trailers failed to terrify everyone. Thus, the full film slated for release at the end of this year could also be another failure.

That became the main question as the new variant of The Ring’s plot appeared like a joke. Hollywood did their first try to remake the film, but regrettably, they failed. Based from the new film’s trailer, Sadako aka Samara, won’t be haunting the characters through the same means anymore.

Unlike the previous films released in 1998 and 2002, The Ring 2016 viewers will witness Sadako’s modernized way to affright. She will now send an email rather than the usual haunted VHS tape. According to the News, the film tries to update the method Sadako passes the curse.

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The reason behind this change is to allow the younger generation understand Sadako’s curse using the same technology they know. Thus, instead of using the usual VHS and an old television, Sadako has to use YouTube and email.

That means the characters will receive an MP4 file uploaded to YouTube which will be sent to their respective email accounts, followed by the iconic “Seven Days” death call. From there, the technique alone isn’t effective as these methods won’t encourage fear to its audience.

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As expected, Hollywood’s second attempt of the Japanese film is predictably disappointing, especially to those who are already familiar with the story. In addition to that, The Ring 2016 somewhat disrespected the value of the original movie in terms of the level of terror created in “Ringu” that was released in 1998.

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