Dr. Conrad Murray says Michael Jackson was asexual, clairvoyant

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Michael Jackson, Photo courtesy: Zoran Veselinovic/Flickr
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Michael Jackson’s personal doctor and confidant, Dr. Conrad Murray, has been convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison for being responsible for the King of Pop’s death.

Now, after serving two years in jail, Dr. Murray reiterates that he did not kill Michael Jackson. The infamous doctor said that prior to Michael Jackson’s death, he has maintained a clean record in the medical field.

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He never had a single malpractice case, and while he says in one interview that he doesn’t hold any anger against Jackson and that he still loves him, he contradicts himself by saying he regrets knowing the pop star, knowing that it has led to the ruin of his medical career.

Dr. Murray’s book is said to tell all about the secrets Michael Jackson has shared with him. He said the Billy Jean singer carried it like a burden from day to day. These were secrets only both of them knew and shared, from the day they’ve met up to Jackson’s death.

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Maintaining innocence, he says in a report by News.com.au, “Michael Jackson accidentally killed Michael Jackson.” He blames the singer for taking a drug that reacted negatively to the Propofol he administered the day he died. He said Jackson hid his drug addiction from him, a secret which would have changed their professional relationship had it been revealed.

But how is it possible that a doctor who has practiced the profession for 20 years could have missed Jackson’s addiction? And the court has ruled on this case in lieu of a totality of circumstances, which are directly attributable to Dr. Murray.

Nevertheless, Dr. Murray has been adamant on his innocence. He made statements unlikely for a doctor, saying that he had an aversion for drugs, that he didn’t understand it; how Michael Jackson had successfully covered it up from him, a personal physician for years.

His new book, This Is It!: The Secret lives of Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson, is said to chronicle many secrets, including a statement that Jackson was still alive upon arrival at the hospital.

From the outset of their relationship, he told Yahoo! how Michael said he predicted how their lives would be connected to each other saying, “Conrad, my life and your life will become inseparable for the rest of time. Because I’m clairvoyant you’ll see.”

He claims Michael Jackson dressed up as a clown to meet up strippers and wanted to have a dozen kids, and promises to bare more juicy details.

In spite of the child molestation cases, and all the pornographic photos and videos reportedly found on the Jackson estate, Dr. Murray says Michael Jackson was asexual, as reported by TMZ.

Photo courtesy: Zoran Veselinovic/Flickr

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