Dragon Ball Super episode 41 & 42 Reviews, Spoilers and Release Date: Beerus’ wish, Goku vs Monaka and Vegeta & Cabba

Dragon Ball Super episode 41 left a puzzle for the viewers regarding Beerus’ wish with Super Shenron in the last part of the episode. Beerus told Bulma and the others that he wished for a more comfortable bed which was obviously a lie.

The episode started with a shocking entrance of the ‘King of Everything’, Zeno. Zeno seems to be a very weak creature having a voice of a child. For those who do not know him, he seems to be an ordinary character. However, after seeing Beerus and Champa bowing down on him, there is no wonder that Zeno is the most powerful creature in the 12 universes.

While everyone was scared with Omni-King, Goku casually walked closer to him and shook his hands. Zeno then talked to Goku like they were friends saying that he felt comfortable with him. On the other hand, Goku told the others that Omni-King was a good guy and he does not look to destroy anything.

Heading back to Beerus’ wish, it seems like a wish for Champa giving him back his own Earth. It was an episode where the anime fans saw the soft side of Beerus.

After witnessing the battle between Universe 6 and Universe 7, Zeno said he enjoyed the battle so much so he decided to have a tournament involving all 12 universes. Goku became excited and he wanted Omni-king to keep his promise.

According to Attack on a Fan Boy, Dragon Ball Super episode 42 is entitled “Finally, the confrontation with Monaka”. In the latest episode, Goku was asking Monaka to fight him but Beerus insisted that Monaka was tired. Beerus revealed his plan on why he wanted Monaka to continue fighting Goku, which was mainly because he is preparing Goku for future battles. One of these maybe the tournament involving the 12 universes.

Dragon Ball Super episode 42 will surely be an intense fight between Monaka and Goku since Monaka was considered the strongest fighter of Universe 7. However, spoilers revealed that Monaka was a fake and he was never a strong fighter at all. The question is what made him manage to keep up with Goku’s strenght?

Also, another thing that the fans are eager to know is about the future relation of Cabba and Vegeta. Cabba called Vegeta ‘master’, which means that he is idolizing the Prince of Saiyans. There is a possibility that Vegeta will be mentoring Cabba n the future about how to achieve the powers of Saiyan.

Dragon Ball Super episode 42 will be released on May 8, Sunday, 9 a.m. Japan time on FujiTV.


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