Dragon Ball Super Episode 42 & 43 Reviews, Spoilers and Release Date: Monaka’s real strength and Son Goku’s Ki

Dragon Ball Super Episode 42 revealed Beerus’ real reason on why he lied about Monaka’s strength. He explained that if Goku and Vegeta would know that Monaka is weak, their determination to be more powerful will be lessen.

The episode started with Beerus getting an invitation from Bulma to celebrate their victory. Bulma told Beerus to invite Monaka but he thought that if he will bring Monaka on Earth, Goku will insist to fight Monaka.

Though Beerus and Whis did not inform Monaka, they were surprised after seeing that he was already at the celebration. It was a coincidence that Monaka was a delivery man of the best sweets in the universes where Bulma ordered.

They tried to hide Monaka from Goku but it was too late. Beerus had no choice but to say the real reason why he lied about Monaka’s strength. He said that he needed Goku to train harder because the God of Destruction of other universes were not that kind and he wanted Goku to protect the Earth if someone threatened to destroy it. The people in the celebration somehow understand so they tried to stall time in order to think of a way on how to keep Goku away from fighting Monaka.

Trunks and Goten came up with a brilliant idea and said it to Beerus. Beerus did not like the idea of him wearing a costume especially made by Mr. Satan but he had no choice but to wear it. Goku and the fake Monaka start their sparring match and everyone was amazed with the power and speed of both fighters.

They were afraid that the fight might get too serious and Beerus might get pissed enough to destroy the Earth so Whis interfered with the match. Whis’ strength was obviously noticeable after he managed to stop Beerus and Goku that easily.

Yamcha almost ruined the plan by pointing out the real Monaka. Beerus became pissed and was already planning to destroy the Earth. However, Goku concluded that it might be part of Monaka’s power which is the same as Boo’s.

According to Yibada, Dragon Ball Super episode 43 will be entitled “Goku’s Ki’ is Out of Control!? Lots of Trouble Taking Care of Pan.” and the provisional title will be “Goku, Pan and the Pilaf Gang.”

Here is the synopsis:

After using his Ki recklessly during the tournament against Universe 6, Son Goku comes down with “Late-Onset Turbulent Ki Syndrome”, rendering him to be unable to control his Ki. Goku is also unable to teleport back from Kaio’s planet properly and wrecks his house as a result. Until their house is repaired, Goku is temporarily living with his son Gohan and looks after his granddaughter Pa. There is a suspicious shadow that stealthily approaches.

The next episode will surely be a must watch among Anime fans. The question is who or what is the suspicious shadow? What is its/his intention? Is it an ally or an enemy?

Dragon Ball Super episode 43 will air on May 15, Sunday on Fuji TV.


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