Dragon Ball Super episode 43 & 44 Reviews, Predictions and Links: Goku’s Delayed Onset Ki Syndrome and Pan, the next Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Super episode 43 was somehow a revelation for Dragon Ball fans about Son Goku’s granddaughter Pan, who showed some interesting sign of being a Super Saiyan.

In the start of the episode, Chi-chi noticed that Goku was not able to eat all his food and she felt that he needed to consult a doctor. However, with Goku’s unusual body, Chi-chi said that normal doctors would not able to detect what was happening with Goku’s body so she suggested that Goku should visit Kaio-sama.

Goku tried to use instant transmission but he failed to go to his preferred location. On his first try, he was transmitted to Bulma’s place where he saw her naked. Bulma then shouted like something bad was happening and Vegetta immediately run into her location. Goku then explained what he was going through and tried again to use instant transmission to go to Kaio-sama.

After multiple tries, Goku reached Kaio-sama and said what was happening to him. Kaio-sama then made his research and found out that Goku was suffering from Delayed Onset Ki Syndrome. He recommended that Goku should avoid further training and have as much rest as he could.

Goku did not like the idea but Kaio-sama explained that his condition might get worst and he may not be able to join future tournaments. Goku then agreed to rest and decided to go back home. However, when he was about to reach their house, Goku noticed that his flying was also affected, leading him to destroy their house.

Goku, Chi-chi and their son Goten decided to temporarily live with Gohan. Gohan and Videl were out of the house and they saw Piccolo taking care of Pan. Piccolo then realized that Goku and Chi-chi can take care of Pan so he decided to leave her to their care. Before leaving, he taught them on the proper way of taking care of Pan and strictly said that they should keep an eye on her all time.

On the other hand, Gohan was in an interview for the assistant teacher position. Chi-chi became very proud of his son saying that he was the only Saiyan in the Universe 7 that have achieved such goal. Not knowing that Gohan turned down the offer and decided not to leave his family.

The baby sitting started for Goku and he said that he wanted Pan to call him ‘Grandpa’ instead of ‘Papa’. Goku then shared to Piccolo that he can beat him with his current status and added that he was seeing Pan as a future Super Saiyan.

When Goku and his family were sleeping, they did not notice that Pan was missing. Pilaf and his sidekicks where hidden in the bush making evil plan with Goku’s family. They noticed a baby approaching them and one of his sidekick said that it was Goku’s granddaughter.

Piccolo then shouted after knowing that Pan was missing and Pilaf and the gang trembled in fear and decided to flee. However, they didn’t notice that Pan was with them. Because of too much panic, Pilaf accidentally pushed a button leading them to go upward.

Pilaf and the gang then noticed an extreme aura covering Pan and their machine exploded with her tremendous power. With a long search for Pan, Goku and Piccolo then found her sleeping quietly which led them to relax. Goku then said that Pan can fly soon but Piccolo said it was impossible.

Dragon Ball Super episode 43 did not revealed when will Goku be healed from his syndrome. But somehow, it is an episode that gives the Dragon Ball Super fans hints on what will be the future of the next Super Saiyan.

Here is the link of Dragon Ball Super episode 43: http://gogoanime.io/dragon-ball-super-episode-43

On the next episode, Goten and Trunks will be accidentally trapped inside Monaka’s ship and they will be flying to another planet where they will be facing enemies. Protected by Potaju, this planet is home to the miraculous “Superhuman Water”, but Gryll undoes the seal. Vegeta heads there to rescue Goten and Trunks.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 44 will be expected to air on May 22, Sunday on Fuji TV.

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