Dragon Ball Super episode 44 & 45 Reviews, Predictions and Spoilers: Vegeta’s duplicate, Gotenks take action and Goku to the rescue

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Dragon Ball Super episode 44 entitled “The Seal of Planet Potaufeu Secret of the ‘Superhuman Water’” showed an exciting fight scene between Goten, Trunks and Vegeta versus Gryll and his army.

Dragon Ball Super episode 44 started with an old man having trouble after a group of villains arrived in planet Potaufeu to get the “Superhuman Water”. In the planet Earth, Monaka was set to deliver Bulma’s order and was asked by Bulma to assist her with her experiment. While they were doing the experiment, Goten and Trunks were playing outside and saw Monaka’s delivery truck. With too much curiousness, they tried to get inside and saw a sword and toy balloon. Goten opened the toy balloon and they were shocked that the balloon started to get bigger leading for the door to be closed.

Trunks were about to destroy the door to get them out but he thought that Monaka might be in big trouble if he did that. They decided to wait until Monaka was back but unfortunately they were not noticed. The delivery truck was then set to fly to its next destination, planet Potaufeu. Along the way, Goten and Trunks tried to get Monaka’s attention but he was too busy listening to Radio Galactica.

When they arrived at the planet Potaufeu, Monaka was surprised to see the two kids frozen so he helped them until their back to normal. On the other hand, Bulma got worried of not seeing Trunks for a while and decided to check the surveillance camera. She saw that Goten and Trunks got inside Monaka’s delivery truck so she decided to ask help from Jaco and Vegeta. The two went to planet Potaufeu to bring back the two kids. Bulma also advised Chi-chi about what happened. Unfortunately, Goku was in Kaio-sama’s planet training.

An old man approached Monaka, who seemed to be the owner of the package containing “Monthly Universe Martial Arts” he was supposed to deliver. The old man did not notice that his necklace was dropped when he ran towards Monaka. As they were busy talking to each other, a group of villains came and was about to start a fight with them. As the two groups were about to take action, Monaka fainted and had let Goten and Trunks fight the villains. To their surprise, they realized that the two kids were too powerful for them and they tried to escape. When they were about to fly away, a member of the villains saw the necklace and decided to be back and get it.

On the other hand, the old man asked for Goten and Trunks’ help to find his lost necklace. However, it was too late and the necklace was already in the hands of the villain. When Goten and Trunks were about to fight back, the villains took Monaka as a hostage and they got what they want from the old guy.

Trunks and Goten seemed to be in big trouble after Gryll and his comrades got the ‘Superhuman Water’. Luckily, Vegeta and Jaco arrived in the right time and came to rescue the kids. Jaco noticed that it was the criminal he was tasked to look for, Gryll. When Trunks was about to warn his father, Vegeta quickly engaged to a fight with the villains. He thought that he can easily defeat them but as the fight goes on a liquid substance surrounded and swallowed him. He managed to come out of the liquid but he noticed that he lost his power and Gryll managed to create a duplicate of him.

Dragon Ball Super episode 44 left the viewers puzzled about what really happens when Gryll opened the container with the ‘miracle water’. It seemed like the water is alive and has the ability to consume the power and create a duplicate for whoever came close to it.

Dragon Ball Super episode 45 will surely be an exciting chapter to watch as Goku is back to normal again. He will surely come to rescue them when he knows what happened. However, until Goku arrives, Goten and Trunks will be using ‘Fusion’ in order to fight Vegeta’s duplicate and Gryll. A preview of the episode shows Vegeta about to disappear, which is mainly because of the power of the ‘Superhuman Water’.

Dragon Ball Super episode 45 will be expected to air on May 29 on Fuji TV.


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