Dragon Ball Super episode 45 and 46 Review, Spoilers and Release Date: Goku vs Fake Vegeta; ‘Future Trunks’ appears to save his father

Dragon Ball Super episode 45 is another exciting scene featuring the fight between Gotenks 3, Son Goku and the fake Vegeta. Though Goku’s victory is highly expected, it is still questionable if Goku can defeat the fake Vegeta in less than three minutes before the real Vegeta disappears.

Dragon Ball Super episode 45 started with an intense action between Grill and his army versus Vegeta, Goten and Trunks. Vegeta underestimated their opponent so he ends up being consumed by the Superhuman Water. His physical appearance was completely copied and his power was absorbed. This led them to escape temporarily in order to come up with a plan on how to defeat their opponents.

When they landed in a safe place, Potage, the last survivor on Planet Potaufeu, revealed the secret behind the Superhuman Water. He denied the claim that it can increase the power of whoever drinks it by 100 times and said that it was only a rumors. He also said that the real name of it was “Commeson”- a weapon made by the people of Planet Potaufeu for self-defense. It has the ability to copy and absorb the power of anything that it consumes. After consuming, the victim has three to five minutes before he completely disappears.

Goten and Trunks tried fusion technique in order to fight the fake Vegeta. However, their attacks didn’t work even though they transformed in Gotenks 3. They were easily defeated by the fake Vegeta and they seemed to be in a big trouble. Fortunately, Kaio-sama and Goku sensed the fight between the fake Vegeta and Gotenks 3.

Goku, who finally recovered all his power, immediately went on Planet Potaufeu and saved Goten and Trunks. He was surprised when he saw two Vegeta’s in front of him- one who is color Purple and the other one who is transparent. They quickly explained the situation to Goku and he became very excited to fight Vegeta.

Same goes with the fake Vegeta but the Superhuman Water ordered him to absorb Goku’s power. The fake Vegeta, who also has the character and spirit of the real Vegeta, attacked the Superhuman Water and continued the fight with Goku. Dragon Ball Super episode 46 will surely be an exciting chapter that will show an intense fight between Son Goku and the fake Vegeta.

It is highly expected that Goku will win against the fake Vegeta. However, the question is if he can defeat the imposter in less than three minutes. Dragon Ball Super episode 46 is expected to air the complete disappearance of the real Vegeta. Will he die? Or a person will come from the ‘future’ to save him?

Dragon Ball Super episode 46 will air on Sunday, June 5 at Fuji TV.


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