Dragon Ball Super episode 46 Spoilers: Goku vs Fake Vegeta, Monaka wins!; Future Trunks tries to escape from Black Goku

Dragon Ball Super episode 46 entitled “Goku vs Copy-Vegeta! Who’s Gonna Win!?” showed an intense fight between Son Goku and the Fake Vegeta. It also showed the introduction of the ‘Future Trunks Arc’ that is expected to be launched on June 12,2016.

Dragon Ball Super episode 46 started with the fight between Son Goku and the Superhuman Water that absorbed Vegeta’s power and create his duplicate. It might be only a copy but it was as powerful as the Real Vegeta. Son Goku was only given less than three minutes in order to defeat the Fake Vegeta, or else, the Real Vegeta will completely disappear and die.

As the battle between the two most powerful fighter on Earth begins, the Real Vegeta seemed to be confused on whom he will be supporting. He wanted Goku to defeat the Fake Vegeta to keep him alive. On the other hand, he did not want to see the Fake Vegeta being defeated by Goku because he felt that he will be the one who will lose. The Real Vegeta encouraged Goku and Fake Vegeta to fight seriously and use their true power against each other.

As the Real Vegeta slowly became transparent, Potage gave him the seal, which looks like a pacifier, and said that he needed to chew it in order to slow down his disappearance. He also revealed to Trunks and Goten on how can they lessen the power of the Superhuman Water. Trunks and Goten quickly started to look for the core of the Superhuman Water but it was hiding somewhere, waiting for an opportunity to absorb their power.

Son Goku and the Fake Vegeta transformed to “Super Saiyan Blue” and the fight became more intense. Trunks became more worried about his father so he went back to his location. When they landed on the Real Vegeta’s location, the Superhuman Water surprisingly launched an attack to Trunks. The Real Vegeta tried to save his son but he can’t do anything since he was an empty shell. When Trunks was about to be absorbed, Monaka accidentally stepped on the core of the Superhuman Water resulting for it to be completely destroyed and lessen the power of the Fake Vegeta.

Goku noticed it and took advantage of the situation to completely obliterate the Fake Vegeta and the Real Vegeta was saved. Goku thought that it was Monaka’s power that helped them defeat the enemy. Goku, Vegeta, and the others went back on Earth and they were very happy to see their family and friends again.

The end of Dragon Ball Super episode 46 showed an introduction of the next episode which is set to be the start of a ‘new arc’. Adult Trunks seemed to be trying to escape as he was chased by a powerful enemy he knew he cannot defeat.

Dragon Ball Super episode 47 ‘Future Trunks Arc’ “SOS From the Future! A New Black Enemy Appears!!” will be launched on Sunday, June 12 on Fuji TV in Japan.

Photo courtesy: Dragon_Ball/Twitter

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