Dragon Ball Super episode 47 Predictions and Spoilers: Black Goku’s origin revealed; Omni King, Whis, Beerus and Champa to be defeated by Black Goku?

Dragon Ball Super episode 47 titled “New Chapter! An Obscure Enemy Appears!” with subtitle “A New Development Begins! The Boy returns to our time!” will be the start of new arc where two powerful characters are set to appear, Future Trunks and Black Goku. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Super, announced that the ‘new arc’ will be launched on June 12, 2016.

Dragon Ball Super episode 47 will be the start of a ‘new arc’ named ‘Future Trunks Arc’. The ‘new arc’ has been previously compared to the ‘Cell Saga’ where Adult Trunks travelled back from the future in order to warn Son Goku, Vegeta and the people of the Earth regarding the tragedy that will be happening. Adult Trunks saved Goku from a rare sickness and he wanted to destroy Android 17 and Android 18 created by Dr. Gero.

However, they will be having another enemy, Black Goku, who is expected to be the most powerful enemy that they will encounter. In the previous article, it has already been revealed about the appearance of Black Goku. He will be an opponent that resembles the physical appearance of Son Goku but with white hairs.

According to a recent Dragon Ball Super episode 47 spoiler, few details have been revealed regarding the origin of Black Goku. Theories say that Black Goku came from a far distant future about 20 to 50 years from Future Trunks timeline. There are also speculations saying that Black Goku came from Universe 6 and the Future Trunks that will be shown in the ‘new arc’ is different from the Trunks in the ‘Cell Saga’.

Black Goku’s presence is expected to be noticed not only by Son Goku and Vegeta but also by powerful characters such as the Gods of Destruction, Whis, and the Omni King Zeno. It will surely be an exciting fight and it is still unimaginable how powerful Black Goku will be. As the ‘new arc’ air date draws near, more details are expected to be revealed.

Dragon Ball Super episode 47 will be air on Sunday, June 12 at Fuji TV.

Photo courtesy: Dragon_Ball/Twitter

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