Dragon Ball Super episode 47 Predictions & Spoilers: Omni King, Whis and Gods of Destructions to be defeated by Black Goku?; Future Trunks appears to give warning

Dragon Ball Super episode 47 entitled “New Chapter! An Obscure Enemy Appears!” with subtitle “A New Development Begins! The Boy returns to our time!” will be the start of a ‘new arc’ where two powerful characters are set to appear, Future Trunks and Black Goku. Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball Super, announced that the ‘new arc’ will be launched on June 12, 2016.

Though the specific details of Dragon Ball Super episode are not yet revealed, several speculations and theories are rounding up to give hints on the new arc. According to The Fan Guy, Future Trunks decided to use a time machine to travel back in order to warn Son Goku and the others about Black Goku. Black Goku is expected to be a powerful villain that will be a threat to all the universes.

Also, he stated that Son Goku will be suffering from a rare sickness before Dr. Gero brought Android 17 and Android 18 to life. It has to be noted that in the past episodes of Dragon Ball series, the same thing happened when Adult Trunks travelled back in order to give Goku medicines for his rare disease and warn the people of the Earth about the upcoming tragedy. However, the villain now is expected to be more powerful, knowing that Black Goku will be engaging a fight against the Omni King, Whis and the Gods of Destructions.

If that is indeed true, then it is still unimaginable how powerful Black Goku will be. Another thing that will surely bring curiosity for the Dragon Ball fans is how Black Goku is related to Son Goku. There must be a deep connection between the two as their name obviously implies. Will Son Goku be able to stop Black Goku? Are the Gods of Destruction, Whis and Omni King not enough to defeat him?

According to Anime Live Reactions, the new villain will be having ‘white hair’. It seems like Black Goku only implies with the characters bad personality and not about his appearance. Dragon Ball Super episode 47 will surely be an exciting one to watch and there will surely be another big revelation as the air date draws near.

Photo courtesy: Dragon_Ball/Twitter

Video courtesy: Youtube/The Fan Guy and Youtube/Anime Live Reactions

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