Dragon Ball Super episode 47, 48 Review, Spoilers and Predictions: Black Goku appears and kills Future Bulma and Mai; New enemy more powerful than Omni King?

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 47 titled “SOS From The Future! A New Black Enemy Appears!!” is the start of the ‘Future Trunks Arc’ where a new enemy, Black Goku, showed and threatened the present and the future.

Dragon Ball Super episode 47 started with the Future Trunks being chased by a Black Enemy. Future Trunks seemed to be very scared as he did everything he could in order to hide his presence from the opponent. He successfully reached Future Bulma’s location and she told him that he needs to travel in the present in order to save their future.

Future Trunks didn’t know that Black Goku has the ability to sense someone’s Ki. They were surprised to see that the enemy had reached their location. Future Bulma sacrificed herself in order for Future Trunks to escape.

Meanwhile, Son Goku, Goten, and Chi chi are all in the field to harvest their crops. Goku asked helped from Piccolo and explained to him that it was a training. Though Piccolo didn’t like the idea, he cannot afford to lose to Son Goku even though it was just a simple task.

Krillin arrived in the field and told them that Vegeta was having a training with Whiz and Beerus. Goku heard the conversation and immediately located Vegeta. He easily found Vegeta and used ‘Instant Transmission’ to reach their location. When Vegeta was about to punch Whis, Goku appeared and was hit by the punch.

Goku gave a lettuce to Beerus as a gift and let him join their training. While they were eating ramen, Beerus and Whis told Goku and Vegeta how strong Omni King Zeno was. They said that there were 18 universes before but Omni King destroyed six universes in an instant when he was in a bad mood.

Back in the future, Future Trunks escaped from Black Goku and reached Mai’s location. He told her everything that happened including his mother’s wish to travel back in time and save the future. Future Trunks and Mai decided to go to the Capsule Corporation where the time machine was located.

Future Trunks thought that Black Goku didn’t follow them but to his surprise he sensed his Ki. He tried to fight the enemy one-on-one and gave the fuel to Mai. Black Goku seemed to be very powerful for Future Trunks to fight so he was easily beaten. Mai tried to get Black Goku’s attention in order for Future Trunks to escape. Black Goku easily killed her resulting for Future Trunks to be his target again.

Dragon Ball Super episode 47 showed a saddening event for Future Trunks as two important women to him was killed by the enemy. Now that he is the main target, can he still manage to escape? How?

The way Black Goku showed his hatred towards the Saiyan made the viewer’s think about the history of him and his origin. There is a possibility that he was made from all the negativeness and hatred of all the Saiyans making him more powerful than anyone else.

Since Beerus said that Omni King Zeno can destroy anything in an instant, does it mean that he can also kill Black Goku easily? Since the new opponent is from the future, there is a larger possibility that Black Goku can even surpass the power of the most powerful creature in the present time.

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