Dragon Ball Super episode 48 Preview, Spoilers and Predictions: Future Trunks survives and travel back in time; ‘Super Saiyan White’ next to ‘Super Saiyan Blue’?

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 48 titled “Hope Again!! Trunks Wakes Up in the Present,” will be showing how Future Trunks managed to escape from Black Goku. A Super Saiyan seemed to be no match for the new enemy since he easily beat the Future Trunks. Can ‘Super Saiyan Blue’ match the power of Black Goku?

Dragon Ball Super episode 47 showed the death of two important women with Future Trunks. Future Bulma and Mai sacrificed themselves in order for Future Trunks to succeed with his mission. However, in the last part of the previous episode, Future Trunks was seen in a delicate situation where it was Black Goku and him left on the planet. Did he survive?

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On the recent trailer released for Dragon Ball episode 48, it showed Future Trunks who was badly beaten by Black Goku. The question is, how did he escape from the hands of a powerful enemy? Did Black Goku let him escape? The new enemy expressed his hatred with the Saiyans in the last episode so there is no way that he would let Future Trunks escape. There is a possibility that Mai is still alive and get the attention of Black Goku to let Future Trunks escape.


Before the release of the ‘Future Trunks Arc’, there were previous speculations that Black Goku will be white-haired. However, when the ‘new arc’ was launched, the rumors seemed to be wrong. Still, there is a chance that ‘White-haired character’ will be the evolution of ‘Super Saiyan Blue’.

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Everyone knows that Dragon Ball Super creator Akira Toriyama always made an upgrade to Son Goku when a strong opponent appears. In the ‘Freeza Arc’ came Super Saiyan 2, ‘Majinbu Arc’ came ‘Super Saiyan 3’ and other arcs up to the ‘Super Saiyan Blue’. These are just predictions but the ‘Super Saiyan White’ will be possible in the ‘Future Trunks Arc’.

Since the tournament of the ’12 universes’ was announced by the Omni King, there is a possibility that Son Goku, Vegeta, and other Z-fighters will be facing Black Goku there.

Dragon Ball Super airs on Sunday, June 19 at Fuji TV.

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