Dragon Ball Super episode 48 Spoilers and Predictions: Future Trunks reveal the origin of Black Goku; New enemy second most powerful character next to Omni King?

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 48 titled ““Hope Again!! Trunks Wakes Up in the Present,” will be the continuation of the ‘Future Trunks Arc’ wherein Adult Trunks managed to escape from the new nemesis, Black Goku. The next episode may also reveal about the origin of Black Goku.

As predicted, the ‘new arc’ will be the continuation of the ‘Cell Saga’. The preview of Dragon Ball Super episode 48 showed that the present Trunks is quite grown up. There are several theories surfacing the web regarding Black Goku’s origin and how powerful he really is.


Recalling in the past Dragon Ball episodes, every new enemy that appears seems to be the most powerful character before one of our Z-fighters train hard and finally defeat the enemy. In ‘Freeza Saga’ comes ‘Super Saiyan 2’, ‘Cell Saga’ comes ‘Gohan, Super Saiyan’, ‘Majinbuu Saga’ comes ‘Super Saiyan 3’ up to the latest, ‘Super Saiyan Blue’.

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Movie Pilot speculated that the new enemy will be the next most powerful character. However, there will be a contradiction with this theory since Omni King Zeno is already there. Whis and Beerus previously told Goku and Vegeta that there were 18 universes before.

When Omni King got mad, he decided to destroy six universes with a blink of an eye. There are speculations that Black Goku may be living in one of those universes.

Under the comment section of the new trailer, there are several theories and opinion regarding Black Goku. Some are saying that Black Goku is a ‘fallen Kai’ while others say that he is ‘Goten’.

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Akira Toriyama already announced that the ‘Future Trunks Arc’ will be featuring ‘a battle that will surpass the bounds of space and time’. The amount of seriousness will be so high that it will even include the God of Everything, the Omni King Zeno. This may lead to the speculation that Black Goku could be the second most powerful character next to him.

Dragon Ball Super episode 48 will be released on June 19, Sunday at Fuji TV.

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