Dragon Ball Super episodes 49, 50 Review, Spoilers, Predictions: Black Goku follows Future Trunks via Ring of Time; Son Goku defeated by Black Goku.

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 49, titled “A Message From The Future! Goku Black Invades,” showed the arrival of Future Trunks in the past. Unfortunately, Black Goku managed to follow him using the Ring of Time.

Dragon Ball Super episode 49 started with Future Trunks successfully travelled back in time. As he opened his eyes, he saw a man that resembles that face of Black Goku. He immediately attacked Son Goku and everyone was surprised. Bulma spanked him in the face and Future Trunks realized that he succeeded to travel back in time.

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He apologized to Son Goku and told them everything that happened, including the emergence of a powerful enemy in the future. Bulma observed the time machine and was amazed at the machine. Whis explained to them that messing with time was a criminal offense.

Beerus said that he needed to destroy the Earth. But if they give them something delicious that they have not eaten before, he might spare them. Bulma gave them a fish sausage. Whis and Beerus liked the sausage and spared them from being killed.

While observing the time machine, Bulma saw a book that contains everything about Future Bulma’s creation. She left a message for them in order to further understand what was really happening in the future. Bulma, Son Goku, and Vegeta promised Future Trunks that they will do everything they can do to avenge his mother’s death.

Meanwhile, in the future, Black Goku became mad because he failed to kill Future Trunks. He tried to remember everything that happened and went to the location where Future Trunks disappeared. The Ring of Time gave a signal and created a passage that led to Future Trunks’ location.

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Son Goku asked Future Trunks to spar with him to know the difference between his power and Black Goku. Future Trunks used all his strength but he was easily beaten when Son Goku transformed into Super Saiyan 3. However, Future Trunks revealed that Black Goku is more powerful than Son Goku.

Piccolo and Krillin also came. When Future Trunks was about to tell them what happened, the sky turned dark and Black Goku appeared.

Dragon Ball Super episode 50, titled “Goku vs Goku Black! The Path to the Sealed Future,” features the clash between Son Goku and Black Goku. However, it seems like Son Goku is not enough to defeat the new enemy. Will Black Goku defeat Son Goku?


Dragon Ball Super episode 50 will surely be more exciting since Whis and Beerus are there to help the Z-fighters defend the Earth. The next episode is expected to show how powerful that new nemesis really is and also it might give hints regarding where he came from.

Dragon Ball Super episode 50 will air on Sunday, July 3,2016 at Fuji TV.

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