Dragon Ball Super episode 49 Spoilers and Predictions: Can Son Gohan defeat the enemy from the future again?

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 49 titled “A Message From the Future! Black Goku Invades!” is expected to be the clash between Son Goku, Vegeta, Future Trunks versus Black Goku. However, there are speculations that Son Gohan may also be involved in the fight.

In the preview of the Dragon Ball Super episode 49, it showed that Son Goku and Vegeta are about to face Black Goku. Everyone knows that the new nemesis is very powerful and he has shown strong hatred to the Saiyan race. The past episode revealed how Future Trunks escape from the enemy and showed how powerful Black Goku really is.

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There are reports saying that another Z-fighter aside from Son Goku and Vegeta will be involved in the fight and it is Son Gohan. Recalling in the Cell Saga, Son Gohan emerged heroic after being the only fighter who was able to beat Cell. Son Goku tried to sacrifice himself but failed.

Son Goku’s death led to unleash the full potential of Son Gohan and completely obliterating the enemy. The same thing could happen in the Future Trunks Arc. Everyone expects that Akira Toriyama will not be killing Black Goku’s character that fast. Therefore, Son Goku and Vegeta are expected to be defeated in their first clash.

Every time that a new powerful villain comes, the Z-fighters always find a way to beat him or at least match the enemy’s strength. This theory is proven by the evolution of Super Saiyan Blue and the Super Saiyan God. There are no given hints about what will happen in the succeeding episodes that there must be another way to defeat Black Goku.

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As announced by the Dragon Ball Super creator, the Future Trunks Arc will be featuring a battle that will surpass the bounds of space and time. The amount of seriousness will be so high that it will even include the God of Everything, Omni King Zeno.

Dragon Ball Super episode 49 will be released on Sunday, June 26,2016.

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