Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Spoilers, Release Date, Predictions: Son Goku to be killed by Goku Black; Beerus and Whis to fight next

Photo courtesy: Twitter/Dragon_Ball

Dragon Ball Super episode 50 titled “Goku vs Goku Black! The Path to the Sealed Future!” will be the much-awaited fight between Son Goku and Goku Black. It is very intriguing about how powerful the new nemesis really is and where he came from.

In the past episode, Goku Black managed to follow Future Trunks using the Ring of Time. There were speculations that Beerus and Whis will notice the ring that only the Supreme Kais have. Rumors circulated in the past saying that Goku Black was an evil Supreme Kai or a Saiyan that fused with a Supreme Kai.


In the trailer released for Dragon Ball Super episode 50, it shows in the end that Son Goku was badly beaten by Goku Black. However, it seems like Son Goku is only measuring how powerful the enemy is. Same with Goku Black who was said to be not taking the fight seriously.

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Dragon Ball Super episode 50 is expected to show Son Goku and Goku Black taking the fight seriously. Son Goku might transform to ‘Super Saiyan Blue’ and use his full power to defeat the new nemesis. Goku Black is expected to do the same and the next episode might reveal his true power.

According to Gojitaaf, Goku Black will notice Future Trunks time machine and threaten to destroy it. However, this will not be a major problem since Bulma held all the information about the time machine. With her knowledge, there is no doubt that she can recreate that machine.

GameNGuide speculated that Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks will be killed by Goku Black. Recalling in the ‘Cell Saga’, the death of Son Goku led Gohan to unleash his hidden potential to kill the enemy. There is a greater chance that this could also happen in the ‘Future Trunks Arc’.

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However, there is also a possibility that Akira Toriyama will be having a different approach with ‘Future Trunks Arc’. Knowing the presence of Gods of Destruction, Whis,and Omni King, we can say that Goku Black cannot do everything he wants.

Dragon Ball Super episode 50 will air on Sunday, July 3,2016 at Fuji TV.

Photo courtesy: Twitter/Dragon_Ball

Video courtesy: Youtube/Nova

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