Dragon Ball Super episode 54 Spoilers and Predictions: Zamasu kills Gowasu to get the green earring and control Future Goku’s body

Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Son Goku vs Goku Black face to face fight
Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 revealed Son Goku and Goku Black battles. The latter might also destroy Future Trunk’s time machine during face-to-face fight.

Dragon Ball Super episode 54 titled “Inheritors of the Saiyan Blood: Trunks Resolve” is expected to focus on Vegeta and Trunks’ training to prepare for future battle against Goku Black. However, there are speculations that it might give some hints regarding the connection between Zamasu and the new nemesis.

Dragon Ball Super episode 53 confirmed the suspicion of Beerus, Whis, and Son Goku that Zamasu has the same Ki as Goku Black. However, Son Goku said that there was a little bit difference. Also, Gowasu, Zamasu’s mentor, showed the Ring of Time, which was safely kept and unused.

Zamasu showed so much hatred to the human race (mortals) and wanted to eliminate all of them. Gowasu is training him to become a Kaioshin and wants to remove all the negativity from his heart. When Zamasu finally met Son Goku, he was surprised to see a human.

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As expected, the aspiring Kaioshin showed cold treatment to Son Goku but was forced to fight him because of Beerus’ order. It is very noticeable that the color of Zamasu’s earrings is different from Goku Black’s.

However, Gowasu wore green earrings that could possibly the earrings that Goku Black was wearing. Dragon Ball Super episode 54 is expected to feature Vegeta training Future Trunks to become more powerful. There are speculations that it will also give hints between the connection of Goku Black and Zamasu.

Dragon Ball Super episode 54

Photo courtesy: Dragon Ball Z exclusives/Facebook

Dragon Ball Z exclusives revealed that Dragon Ball Super episode 54 will also feature Gowasu and Zamasu heading to planet Babari. They used the Ring of Time in order to travel 1000 years into the future. Their main objective is to see what happened to the inhabitants of the planet.

Photo courtesy: Dragon Ball Z exclusives/Facebook

Photo courtesy: Dragon Ball Z exclusives/Facebook

Also, they released a theory about the connection of Goku Black and Zamasu. As Zamasu and his mentor travel to planet Babari, they will be having misunderstandings that will lead to an unexpected event. Zamasu will kill Gowasu and steal his earrings to be able to control Goku’s body in the future.

The theory may sound impossible but still capable of taking place. Everyone knows that Zamasu has different insight from his mentor. Gowasu was having a hard time explaining to the aspiring Kaioshin about humans or mortals.

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From the time Zamasu met Son Goku, he possessed a strong hatred to him. This feeling heated up when he realized that Son Goku is much stronger than him. He felt that Son Goku’s power is comparable to the God of Destruction.

However, until the details are officially released, Dragon Ball Super fans can take this theory with a pinch of salt. Dragon Ball Super episode 54 will be released on August 7, 2016, at Fuji TV.

Photo courtesy: DB_Super2015/Twitter

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