Dragon Ball Super episode 56, 57 Review, Spoilers: Zamasu kills Gowasu and steals the green Potarra earrings?

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 56 entitled “Goku Black Rematch! The Appearance of Super Saiyan Rose” featured the arrival of Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks in the future timeline.

An unexpected turn of events happened that gave answers to the mystery of the Future Trunks Arc.

Dragon Ball Super episode 56 started with the arrival of Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks in the future to fight Goku Black. Goku was attacked by the army of the resistance but was saved by Trunks. When they were going to attack again, Trunks stopped them and said that Goku is not Black.

One of the armies recognized Trunks and immediately asked for forgiveness. They revealed that Mai is still alive and said that she was in their secret camp. After seeing Mai, Trunks can’t help himself but cry and expressed his happiness.

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Mai told him everything that happened and showed them the only people who were saved. Vegeta released a capsule that contains food prepared by Bulma. The people rejoiced and expressed their gratitude.

While people were eating, Son Goku recognized someone in the corner – Yajirobe. Trunks decided to go with Son Goku and Vegeta to fight Black. Vegeta emitted an aura in the sky for Black to track their location.

Vegeta decided to fight Goku Black by himself. As Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan Blue, it was very noticeable that Black was not surprised. Vegeta felt that Black was more powerful than their last encounter.

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Vegeta attacked Black with full force and stopped when he sensed something different. Black finally reveal his true power and transformed into Super Saiyan Rose. The enemy warned Vegeta that he cannot catch up with him anymore.

However, Vegeta didn’t back down and continued to attack. Unfortunately, he was badly beaten by the enemy and was stabbed by Black’s aura. The same thing happened with Goku when he tried to fight Black.

It seemed like the enemy has managed to strengthen his power with a short span of time. When Black was about to finish Goku, Zamasu came and stopped the attack. The Z-fighter was surprised with what they saw and wondered what is the connection of Zamasu with Black.

Dragon Ball Super episode 56 revealed that Black and Zamasu are connected. It answered the question that Black and Zamasu are not the same. However, there is still a mystery with the two enemies.

Knowing that Black met Goku first, Zamasu did not know Goku from the time they saw each other at Universe 10. Also, Zamasu is already wearing the green Potara earrings. Is he already a Kaioshin? Or he killed Gowasu and stole the green Potara earrings?

Another thing is that Zamasu and Black become more powerful in a short span of time. Dragon Ball Super episode 57 will surely give more answers to the mystery of Zamasu and Black.


Dragon Ball Super episode 57 will air on Sunday, September 04, 2016, at Fuji TV.

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