Dragon Ball Super episode 56 Streaming Online: Rematch with Black! Introducing Super Saiyan Rose

Dragon Ball SUPER
Dragon Ball SUPER

Dragon Ball Super episode 56 entitled “Rematch with Black! Introducing Super Saiyan Rose” will be featuring Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks arriving in the future to fight Goku Black.

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Schedule: August 28, 2016, Sunday 9 a.m. ET

Watch: Fuji TV

The last episode showed the repair of the time machine finally finished. After Goku met Omni-King Zeno, he immediately went back to Earth to travel in the future timeline. Son Goku and Vegeta will accompany Trunks with the goal of defeating Goku Black.

Warning: This article may contain potential spoilers for Dragon Ball Super episode 56.

As they land in the future timeline, Trunks noticed something valuable that belongs to Mai. He was surprised to see that Mai’s body is not there anymore. Recalling when he left, Trunks thought that Mai was already dead.

Goku was approached by unknown military forced. In the flashback of Trunks, he was seen forming a group whose goal is to kill Goku Black. The army who attacked Goku could be the same.

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Knowing that Goku Black resembles the appearance of Son Goku, they might have mistaken that they are one person.


The preview for Dragon Ball Super episode 56 revealed that Mai is alive. There is a possibility that the unknown armies were the one who saved her when she was about to be noticed by Goku Black.

The next episode will feature the rematch of Son Goku and Goku Black. Trunks and Vegeta will also join the fight as the new nemesis will undergo as new transformation -Super Saiyan Rose.

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The said transformation is expected to be powerful enough to match or surpass the power of Super Saiyan Blue. The upcoming episode will surely give another excitement for the Dragon Ball Super fans.

Who will defeat Goku Black? Is it Son Goku, Vegeta or Trunks?

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