Dragon Ball Super episode 57 Preview, Summary: The Birth of Invincible God, Zamasu!

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

The last episode of Dragon Ball Super featured the rematch between Son Goku and Goku Black. Also, the secret between Zamasu and Black is about to be revealed as the two were proven to be connected to each other.


As shown in Dragon Ball Super episode 57 preview, the battle between Son Goku and Goku Black continues with the arrival of Zamasu. Trunks will then be forced to fight the aspiring Kaioshin.

Summary: “Can Goku and the others defeat Black? Goku turns into Super Saiyan Blue and uses it at Full Power against Black: An intense battle begins!”

Fans have noticed that Zamasu’s Potara earring is already green. Is he already a Kaioshin? Or he stole it from the old Kai Gowasu after killing him?

Zamasu killing Gowasu is still a widespread rumor in Dragon Ball Super. Despite the old Kai’s effort to change Zamasu’s perception, the aspiring Kaioshin’s hatred toward the humans remains uncontrollable.

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Whis and Beerus had a suspicion in the past that Zamasu and Black were the same. However, they were questioning that Zamasu had no idea about Son Goku when they arrived at Universe 10, unlike Black who seemed to know Goku very well.

Since he already knew about the Ring of Time, if Zamasu really killed Gowasu, he might have used it to return in the past. As everyone knows, anything that is changed in the past will be affecting what will happen in the future.

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In the first matchup of Goku and Black, it was very noticeable that the enemy was weak. However, in their rematch, Black showed a different level of power that surpassed the Super Saiyan Blue.

Dragon Ball Super episode 56 showed how easily Black defeated Vegeta. Vegeta used his full strength but the enemy has greater power. How will Son Goku defeat Black? As Zamasu appeared in the future timeline, it will also reveal the weakness of the two nemeses.

Son Goku will be fighting Black while Trunks faces Zamasu. Dragon Ball Super episode 57 entitled “The Birth of Invincible God, Zamasu!” will air on Sunday, September 04, 2016, at Fuji TV.

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