Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 Spoilers: The power of green Potara earrings – Zamasu-Black Super Saiyan White

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Dragon Ball Super episode 57 is expected to reveal how Zamasu and Black Goku managed to obtain the power that surpassed the Super Saiyan Blue. There are speculations that the next episode could feature Zamasu and Black fusing to Super Saiyan White.

Dragon Ball Super episode 56 finally revealed that Black Goku and Zamasu were connected to each other. However, it remains a mystery on how did these things became possible since there were clear scenes contradicting that Zamasu and Black were connected.

In the first appearance of Goku Black, it was very noticeable that he knew Son Goku very well. However, Whis noticed his Ki. To confirm his suspicion, they went to Universe 10 to see the aspiring Kaioshin, Zamasu.

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Though they had the same Ki, Whis and Beerus noticed that Zamasu does not anything abut Son Goku. Unlike Goku Black, who almost knew everything about Son Goku and other Z-fighters.

The battle between Vegeta and Black Goku featured a new transformation called the Super Saiyan Rose. When the nemesis powered up, Black was able to defeat Vegeta even if he already used his full power as Super Saiyan Blue.

The last episode showed Vegeta being stabbed by Black. The same thing happened when Son Goku fought the enemy. When Black decided to kill Goku, Zamasu appeared and stopped the attack.

Dragon Ball Super episode 57 entitled “Birth of Invincible God, Zamasu!” will be featuring the battle between Black and Zamasu vs Goku and Trunks. Based on the title, there are speculations that the nemeses will be using the green Potara earrings to fuse and become more powerful.

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Before the start of the Future Trunks Arc, there were rumors that the new nemesis will feature a white hair. With this, the possibility of Super Saiyan White is high and could be the product of Zamasu and Black.

Dragon Ball Super episode 57 is expected to reveal more things regarding the connection of Black and Zamasu. As the battle continues, it is still questionable on how Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks will manage to defeat the stronger enemies.

Dragon Ball Super episode 57 will air on Sunday, September 04, 2016, at Fuji TV.



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