Dragon Ball Super episode 57 Spoilers, Predictions: Zamasu used Super Dragon Balls to create Black Goku and become more powerful

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 56, titled “The Birth of Invincible God, Zamasu,” is expected to reveal how Zamasu and Black became more powerful than Son Goku and Vegeta. Days before the release, fans created various speculations for the next episode.


As shown in the Dragon Ball Super episode 56 preview, Son Goku and Trunks will be facing Black and Zamasu. The last episode revealed that the aspiring Kaioshin and Black were connected to each other.

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However, it remains a mystery if they are the same person or Zamasu is controlling Black. Also, it was very noticeable that the two nemeses managed to become more powerful than the first time they appeared.

When Son Goku fought Zamasu and Black, it was very clear that they cannot match his power. However, it seems like even the full strength of Super Saiyan Blue cannot defeat the two nemeses now.

Goku will be facing Black once again while Trunks fights Zamasu as Vegeta is still recovering. Zamasu already has the green Potara earrings that were owned by a Kaioshin. As everyone knows, Gowasu is the only possible person where Zamasu can get the green Potara earrings.

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However, it is still a mystery how he managed to get it. Did he kill Gowasu? Despite Gowasu’s effort to change Zamasu, the aspiring Kaioshin seemed to be uncontrollable. His strong hatred with the human is equal with Black’s.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super (Photo courtesy: Dragon Ball Z exclusives/Facebook)

Also, both nemeses were proven to have the same evil Ki. Dragon Ball Z exclusives speculated that Zamasu went to planet Namek and used the Dragon Balls or created a more powerful wish using the Super Dragon Balls.

The last episode showed how powerful the two nemeses are. However, it still a mystery how they got such power in a short span of time. Zamasu could be the one who personally wished for another Goku who shared the same Ki as him.

Still, Dragon Ball Super fans can take this theory with a pinch of salt. Dragon Ball Super episode 57 will air on Sunday, September 04, 2016, at Fuji TV.

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