Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 Spoilers, Predictions: Zen-chan to the rescue; Did Zamasu mess with time to become powerful

Dragon Ball SUPER
Dragon Ball SUPER

The next episode of Dragon Ball Super is expected to further explain the connection between Zamasu and Goku Black. Episode 57, titled “Birth of the Invincible God, Zamasu,” could reveal how the aspiring Kaioshin obtain such power.

Dragon Ball Super episode 56 finally reveal that Zamasu and Black were connected to each other. However, it remains a mystery on how this scenario became possible. When Black appeared in the present timeline, it seemed like he knew Son Goku and the other Z-fighters very well.


When Goku, Whis, and Beerus went to Universe 10, Zamasu had no idea about Son Goku. As the revelations draw near, speculations continue to surface the web. One possible scenario is that Zamasu kills Gowasu to steal the Ring of Time and the Potara earrings.

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However, everyone knew that Black already has his own Ring of Time and one green Potara earring. This enters the speculations that Zamasu might have used the Ring of Time to travel back in time.


Whis explained in the past the time travel is a serious crime. Though traveling in the future is allowed for the Gods, traveling in the past is ‘PROHIBITED’. Zamasu might have violated this rule and travel back in time.

According to Whis, anything that is changed in the past could create a major effect on what will happen in the future. As the battle between Son Goku and Black continues, Future Trunks will be forced to fight Zamasu, who is expected to be on a higher level of power.

As shown in Dragon Ball Super episode 56, Vegeta was easily defeated after Black transformed into Super Saiyan Rose. The same with Son Goku who was almost killed before Zamasu stopped Black.

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Dragon Ball Super episode 57 could reveal how Zamasu and Black obtained a tremendous amount of power. In this case, it seems like the Z-fighters are really in big trouble. Will Son Goku show another transformation to beat the enemy?

Though the Super Saiyan White has been rumored in the past, the transformation is said to fit for the nemesis. There are also speculations that Son Goku and Vegeta will fuse to form the Vegito Super Saiyan Blue.

Another possible scenario is that Son Goku will accidentally push the button given to him by Omni-King Zeno. Akira Toriyama always inserts a surprising scene every episode. Therefore, this theory could possibly happen.

For now, Dragon Ball Super fans can take these theories with a pinch of salt. Dragon Ball Super episode 57 will air on Sunday, September 04, 2016, at Fuji TV.

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