Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 Spoilers, Air Date, Streaming Online: Zamasu is Black; Super Saiyan White Vegeta coming soon

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super episode 60 entitled “Back to the Future, Black’s Identity Revealed” will be featuring the return of Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks to the future timeline to confirm if Zamasu and Black still exist.

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Schedule: October 02, 2016, Sunday at 9 a.m.

Watch: Fuji TV


As shown in the preview, Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks will be heading to the future once again. After Beerus destroyed Zamasu, he claimed that the future is already at peace. Trunks said that what could happen in the present will not affect the situation in the past. However, Beerus explained that the case of the mortals is different from the Gods.

Bulma decided to accompany them and be the one to operate the time machine to ensure the safety of the Z-fighters. It was revealed that Zamasu and Goku Black are still existing in the future timeline. Dragon Ball Super episode 60 is expected to reveal the true identity of Goku Black.

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Most predictions said that Zamasu wished for an evil Goku using the Super Dragon Balls, which he also used to have an immortal body. However, Gojiitaaf, a reliable source of information for Dragon Ball Super, exposed the real identity of Black.

“The true identity of Black is Zamasu who traded his body and mind thanks to the Super Dragon Balls. Moreover, it is now also proven that Zamasu and Black are at the origin of acts which are even more atrocious,” Gojiitaaf posted on Facebook.

This confirms the first suspicion of Whis and Beerus that Black is also the present Zamasu. In his fight with Son Goku, they noticed that Zamasu and Black have the same Ki. Zamasu plans to use Goku’s body in accomplishing his goal, ‘Zero Mortal Plan’.

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Dragon Ball Super episode 60 will also feature the fight between the Z-fighters and the nemeses in the future. With their current state, it remains a mystery how can Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks defeat immortal Zamasu and Black ‘Super Saiyan Rose’.

In the succeeding episodes, Vegeta will be engaging in a fierce battle against the enemy that could lead him to level up his power. There are speculations that another transformation will be shown that could possibly be the ‘Super Saiyan White’.

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