Dragon Ball Super Episode 61, 62 Review, Spoilers: Black Goku more powerful than Whis and Beerus; Trunks’ death hinted after unleashing super power

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Dragon Ball SUPER

Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 featured an intense battle between the Z-fighters and the nemeses in the future timeline. With Son Goku and Vegeta badly beaten, Trunks unleashed an incredible power and faced the enemies by himself.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 61 started with Black revealing that he’s the real Son Goku and not a Son Goku created by the Super Dragon Balls. Instead of creating a copy, Zamasu wished to exchange body with him and head to Universe 10 to kill Kaioshin Gowasu. With this, he can officially become a Kaioshin by stealing the green Potara earrings and the Time Ring.

Black traveled in time to find Zamasu so that he can have an ally to fulfill his mission – Zero Mortal Plan. Black also revealed that they have managed to kill the Gods of Universe 10 with the power of Son Goku and the immortal body of Zamasu. With this, there is a possibility that the Super Saiyan Rose is more powerful than Beerus and Whis.

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As expected, the Z-fighters were defeated again by the nemeses. Goku was stabbed by Black’s Ki aura. Zamasu narrated everything from the time he stole Goku’s body and how he killed Chi-Chi and Goten. This angered Son Goku, resulting for him to level up his power.

However, his power was not enough to completely defeat the enemy. Black managed to fight back and beat Son Goku. Vegeta and Trunks had no choice but to fight the enemy again. Zamasu revealed that it was Trunks who forced them to proceed with the Zero Mortal Plan.

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The enemies said that when Trunks traveled back multiple times, another Time Ring was created. The Gods were watching over his actions, including the time when he prevented Son Goku from dying due to heart virus.


Trunks became angrier and unleashed an incredible power that is almost comparable to Super Saiyan Blue. As shown in the preview, Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 will be featuring Trunks fighting Zamasu and Black all by himself. Though he managed to keep up with the enemies, his power didn’t last long and there is a possibility that he will be killed by the enemies.

It was hinted in the preview about a technique to defeat Zamasu which could possibly be Master Roshi’s Mafuba – an evil containment wave technique. There are speculations that Son Goku will be heading back to the present timeline to learn how to defeat the enemies.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 entitled “I’ll Protect the World! The Explosion of Trunks’ Raging Super Power!” will air on Sunday, October 16, 2016, at Fuji TV.

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