Dragon Ball Super Episode 62, 63 Recap, Spoilers:Goku to use Mafuba against Zamasu as Vegeta faces Black

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 titled “I’ll Protect the World! The Explosion of Trunk’s Raging Super Power!” featured Trunks fighting Zamasu and Black alone as Son Goku and Vegeta headed back to the present timeline. The episode also hinted three possible scenarios that could happen in episode 63.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 started with Trunks unleashing his ‘Super Power’ after Zamasu blamed him for what happened in his world. Zamasu said that if Trunks did not alter the past they will not even bother to exterminate all the humans. This made Trunks angry, enabling him to obtain a power that could match the enemies.

As the fight goes on, Trunks suggested that Son Goku and Vegeta should return to the present and find a way to defeat the enemies. Vegeta was reluctant at first but Son Goku insisted that they should follow what Trunks said. In the present timeline, the present Trunks, Mai, and others were waiting for their return.

Bulma, together with Son Goku and Vegeta, arrived in an instant. The present Trunks noticed that the future him was not with them. They concluded that the future has already changed and proved that Beerus was right. However, the teary-eyed Bulma approached the God of Destruction and revealed that nothing has changed in the future.

Vegeta told them everything, including the real identity of Goku Black. Whis said that this could be the reason why Black and Zamasu have the same Ki. After taking the blame for everything that is happening, Beerus decided to return to his planet and said that they are not going to help the Z-fighters with their problem.

The succeeding scenes feature three possible way on how can the Z-fighters defeat Zamasu and Black.

1. Mafuba

As suggested by Piccolo, Mafuba, an evil containment wave technique, can be used to defeat immortal Zamasu and overpowered Black. This technique was used by Master Roshi to defeat King Piccolo. Son Goku headed to Master Roshi’s house and asked to teach him Mafuba.

As the old man said, Mafuba needs lots of focus in order to be effective against the enemy. They used Roshi’s turtle as their practice target. Goku was having a hard time learning the technique but has still managed to perfect it. Master Roshi prepared the talisman that Goku will use to seal the enemy.

2. Vegeta’s Super Power

When Goku headed to Master Roshi, Vegeta decided to go to the Room of Spirit and Time to train. Bulma said that it will take 12 hours before the time machine becomes operational again. As shown in the preview for Dragon Ball Super Episode 63, Vegeta will be the one fighting Black and there is a possibility that he has managed to level up his power.


3. Beerus takes care of Zamasu and Black by himself

After taking the blame, Beerus and Whis decided to head to Universe 10 and talk to Kaioshin Gowasu. Beerus said that he wanted to destroy the Zamasu in the future timeline but Gods of Destruction cannot travel through space and time.

Gowasu said that since he is responsible for training Zamasu he is willing to help Beerus fulfill his mission. It was revealed in the past that the nemeses have manage to kill the Gods in the future with the help of Black’s power. Can Beerus really defeat Zamasu and Black?

These three scenarios could happen in the upcoming episode. Son Goku and Vegeta will surely not let Zamasu and Black defeat them for the third time. Will Mafuba be effective against the enemy? Can Vegeta match the power of Black? Will Beerus and Whis head to the future timeline?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 entitled “Don’t Defile the Saiyan Cell! The Curtain Rises on Vegeta’s Intense Battle” will air on Sunday, October 23, 2016, at Fuji TV.

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