Dragon Ball Super Episode 63, 64 Review, Spoilers: Zamasu and Black fuse using green Potara earrings; Son Goku to use Mafuba after Trunks fixed the jar

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 featured the return of Vegeta and Son Goku in the future timeline to fight Zamasu and Black for the third time. Unlike the past two battles, the Z-fighters are now holding the upper hand of the bout. Can they finally defeat the enemy?

Son Goku and Vegeta headed back to the future after finding a way to defeat the nemeses. Trunks tried to hold the enemies all by himself but still failed. Luckily, Yajirobe was there to help him escape again. While Trunks was recovering from his injuries, Mai, and two resistance soldiers went to the hideout of Zamasu and Black.

Mai used a special bullet invented by the future Bulma to kill Black. Despite knocking down the enemy, it did not give him heavy damage at all. Zamasu and Black found their location and immediately attacked. Fortunately, Trunks came to rescue them from the nemeses.

Trunks attacked Zamasu first before facing Black in a one-on-one fight. He succeeded to take down Black and fought Zamasu next. To his surprise, Black immediately recovered and stabbed him using the Ki aura. When the enemy was about to finish him, Son Goku and Vegeta arrived.

Black quickly turned his focus in destroying the time machine. Luckily, it was not fully destroyed and Bulma can still fix it. However, the jar that Goku will use in Mafuba was broken. This gave them no choice but to fight the enemies with their own strengths.

Before the fight started, the Kaioshins of Universe 7 and 10 arrived to stop the enemies. When Gowasu inquired about what happened to the Gods in the future, Goku also asked about Whis. The Kaioshins explained that an angel like Whis will not function unless a new God is appointed. Black and Zamasu launched an attack to kill the Kaioshins but Goku and Vegeta defended them.

Son Goku faced Zamasu while Vegeta fought Black. In their third battle, it is very noticeable the Vegeta’s strength has tremendously increased after training in the Room of Spirit and Time. Even Black was surprised to see that he cannot keep up anymore with Vegeta’s strength.

Vegeta said that Black cannot unleash the full potential of a Saiyan since he just stole the body from Son Goku. The Saiyan Prince revealed that only a true Saiyan like him can achieve an immeasurable strength. With the current situation, it seems like the Z-fighters already have a chance to defeat the enemy.

As shown in the preview, Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 will feature Zamasu and Black fusion using the green Potara earrings. This is somewhat expected by the fans since the two were seen wearing the accessories of a Kaioshin. It is very interesting to know how powerful can the enemy become when their bodies unite.

With this, fans should be waiting for Son Goku and Vegeta to fuse into Gogeta. Since the present Kaioshins are there, they could lend them their green Potara earrings. There are also speculations that Trunks will be fixing the jar that will be used in Mafuba. Will it really be effective against Zamasu and Black?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 entitled “Praise and Adore Him! The Explosive Birth of Merged Zamasu!” will air on Sunday, October 30, 2016, at Fuji TV.

Photo courtesy: IVoltGaming/Facebook

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