Dragon Ball Super Episodes 59, 60 and 61 Titles, Spoilers: Protect Gowasu, Goku returns to the future, and Zamasu’s ‘Human Elimination Plan’

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Son Goku vs Goku Black face to face fight
Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 revealed Son Goku and Goku Black battles. The latter might also destroy Future Trunk’s time machine during face-to-face fight.

The next episode of Dragon Ball Super will be revealing the mystery between Zamasu and Goku Black. It is expected to feature how the present Zamasu became immortal and how an evil Goku was created.

Though Dragon Ball Super episode 58 is yet to be released, potential titles for episodes 59, 60 and 61 are currently surfacing the web. Gojitaaf shared a photo revealing the titles for the succeeding episodes. However, there is no confirmation if those are fake or not.

Dragon Ball Super episode 59 is titled “Protect the Kaioshin Gowasu/Destroy Zamasu”. There were previous speculations that Zamasu will kill Gowasu to steal the green Potara earrings and the Ring of Time. As shown in the past episodes, the future Zamasu already wore green Potara earrings that strengthen the theory.


Whis, Beerus, and the Supreme Kai will be investigating and they may figure out Zamasu’s bad intention. As the title says, they will be informing Gowasu about Zamasu’s plan or kill the aspiring Kaioshin so he can’t proceed with his mission.

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Dragon Ball Super episode 60 is titled “To the Future Once Again/Goku Black’s Identity Revealed”. The title may sound suspicious since it has been used in the past episodes. However, the preview for episode 58 featured Son Goku saying that he wants to go back to the future.

Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks must be very eager to take revenge against Zamasu and Black. Aside from their next face off, episode 60 is expected to reveal everything about the nemesis that resembles the physical appearance of Son Goku.

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Dragon Ball Super episode 61 is titled “Zamasu’s Ambition/The ‘Human Elimination Plan’ is Divulged”. Even in the first appearance of Zamasu, he already possessed strong hatred to humans (mortals). This feeling became more intense when he met Son Goku, who has the ability to match the powers of the Gods.

Though it is expected that the Z-fighters will defeat the enemies, the succeeding episodes of Dragon Ball Super will be featuring more revelations to give more excitement to the fans.

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