Dwayne Johnson will be in “Doc Savage”

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Dwayne Johnson at the promotion of the film “Hercules” in Sydney, Australia (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi)

Dwayne Johnson has confirmed that he will be in the upcoming film “Doc Savage.” Johnson has confirmed that he would be part of the film that would be directed by Shane Black on Instagram. On his Instagram post, he has also added a photo showing him together with film’s writers, Anthony Bagarozzi and Chuck Mondry.

According to Comic Book Resources, Johnson will be playing the title character of the film. Along with being the lead star for it, Johnson will also be producing it under his Seven Bucks Productions company. At a time when Hollywood is enamored with comic book film adaptations, “Doc Savage” would be the latest in a line of adaptations.

The original “Doc Savage” began as a character for magazines back in the 1930s and 1940s and was created by Henry W. Ralston along with John L. Nanovic. For its first 181 issues, Lester Dent has been the lead writer for the series. In 1975 the film “Doc Savage: Man of Bronze’ came up, but was not exactly a commercial success.

For this outing, the new ‘Doc Savage” film began in 2010 when Shane Black got onboard for it, though development for it didn’t really take off until 2013, and then not until the success of “Iron Man 3,” which has also been one of Black’s projects. For “Doc Savage” he will both share in writing the script together with Bagarozzi and Mondry. Black will also serve as its director.

For his part, Johnson has been impressed by the character, calling Doc Savage a master of everything. Doc Savage is said to be the precursor of Superman, as Screen Rant notes. The character has a more than average sense as well as intellect, being created by his father and scientists to what Johnson calls a perfect human specimen.

Aside from Johnson, no other cast has been announced yet, and there is as of yet no release date for the film.

Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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