Dwyane Wade gets emotional after knowing he was Prince favorite NBA player

Dwyane Wade became emotional after hearing that he was idolized by the late musician Prince who died last month.

It is indeed a great honor for every basketball player to be recognized by celebrities and famous personalities. This might be the reason the Miami Heat guard can’t get himself but to be emotional after knowing that he was the favorite basketball player by Prince.

On his Twitter account, Dwyane Wade wrote:

“I know I have fans and lots of supporters around the world but hearing Prince say those words was an ultimate compliment.. #Honored”

“and hearing him say that I was his favorite Basketball Player has me feeling all kinds of emotions.. You never know who life you impact”

“So yesterday i wasn’t crying like some may think but i just listened to an interview with Damaris Lewis calling up Prince..Prince!!”

According to a report from the ESPN, in a rare radio interview in 2012, Prince was asked about many topics, including basketball. When he was asked who he was rooting for, he told interviewer Damaris Lewis, “Well, Dwyane Wade is my favorite player, but the Thunder are my favorite team.”

The said interview happened in May 2012 when Wade and the Miami Heat battled with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA finals. The Heat defeated the Thunder establishing 4-1 in their series giving Wade the second of his three NBA championships. Wade managed to do well in that series where he averaged 22.4 points per game.

Wade’s tweets of appreciation for the late musician gained different reactions on Twitter. Some of them praised the Miami Heat guard for being humble in spite of his achievements in his basketball career. Also, many fans of Wade express their support for the Miami Heat who now enter the Eastern Conference semifinals after beating the Charlotte Hornets in Game 7.

Photo courtesy: Latrina1974/Wikimedia

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