Ellen DeGeneres: would a Michael Phelps photo be judged as harshly?

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Photo courtesy: Ellen DeGeneres (Facebook/Ellen DeGeneres)

When comedian Ellen DeGeneres posted a photo on Twitter of her riding on Usain Bolt’s back, she got a harsh backlash from people all over the Internet for allegedly being a racist. How so?

Some interpreted that photo of her riding Bolt as if he was an animal. If Usain Bolt were a white guy, would that photo still be criticized as it was? Would it still be interpreted as a white person riding a mule, a horse or mere property?

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It’s hard to see a photo of Ellen riding on Michael Phelps’ back posted on the net and get slammed for any sort of imagined abuse. How so? It probably has to do with Michael Phelps’ color, too, and the same people who prejudged her photoshopped image would more likely find it hilarious for the first time.

The racist allegations hurled at Ellen DeGeneres only reveals one thing- that she isn’t, and the world is still full of them. She’s a comedian, it was just a simple, even childish joke, and yet some chose to interpret it in a different light, in a manner only racists think.

Thinkers are doers, right?

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Fortunately, the people who are working close to her are among the first to come to her defense.

According to a report by Radar Online a staff from the DeGeneres show said, “Ellen is not a racist whatsoever, “Her staff is comprised of all different types of races and ethnicities and she treats everyone exactly the same! Ellen never talks sh*t about anyone.”

“Whenever she feels beef with someone she just brings them on her show, which is what she is trying to do with Usain Bolt!”

How could it have been anything else? This same question ran through Steve Harvey’s mind when Eurweb reported him saying:

“That ain’t how she was looking at it. She’s just got the world’s fastest man…’I’m on his back, this is how I’m running my errands right now. I’mma ride Usain.’ Now, had the caption read differently [like], “I’mma ride this big Black boy around to go grocery shopping, ta da!”

“[then] I got where you’re coming from. Ellen don’t look at it that way. She really, really don’t. I mean, skip the fact that she’s a comedian. Just as a person and a human being, I would ride off the air with Ellen and her philosophies on life.”

If Ellen DeGeneres’ photo revealed one thing, it is that indeed racism exists, albeit more disguised in society.

Photo courtesy: Facebook/Ellen DeGeneres

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