Eminem inaugural album ‘Infinite’ to re-release in celebration of its 20th anniversary [HEAR]

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In honor of the 20th anniversary of Eminem’s unsuccessful inaugural album Infinite, the rapper is releasing a remixed version. A mini-documentary called Partners In Rhyme: The True Story of Infinite is also going to be released as companion.

Before the Grammys and the global fame, before the hundreds of millions in sales. Eminem was another struggling artist trying to make a name for himself in Detroit.

The Lose Yourself rapper headed into a Detroit music studio for the first time in 1996. One year after the period covered in his semi-biographical movie 8 Mile. The wider public heard little on the music made from those sessions.

Now, with all the accolades Eminem received over the years as a rapper. songwriter and music producer, he re-releases his debut album Infinite newly remixed by his longtime collaborators the Bass Brothers. Fans can hear the full version of the album on Friday. There were only 500 copies pressed in 1996 under the Web Entertainment, according to USA Today.

Eminem’s relationship with the Bass Brothers stayed in place even when Dr. Dre signed him a big-label contract. He introduced Em to the mainstream music with 1999’s The Slim Shady LP. The Bass Brothers were also co-producers to the bulk of Eminem’s music, sharing awards including the 2003 Oscar for Lose Yourself.

For the Infinite album, the Bass Brothers remixed its tracks. Samples were stripped out and replaced with live instruments like guitars, bass, keyboards and drums, according to Complex. It is the signature Bass Brothers sound that marked albums like The Marshall Mathers LP and Slim Shady. Thankfully, the vocals were left untouched.

“It’s kind of like a polished raw track, if that makes sense,” said Mark Bass in an interview with the Rolling Stone. “It’s pretty much the same record, but better sounding, newer sounding, with the audio quality of (later) Eminem stuff.”

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