Eminem new single ‘Campaign Speech’ shows rapper’s lyrical genius

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Eminem once again showed his lyrical genius as well as his sarcasm against Donald Trump and his supporters in his new rap single ‘Campaign Speech.’

The rapper’s new single can be a source of annoyance for Trump supporters as it blasts every single Trump supporter from Colin Kaepernick to David Hasselhoff but there’s no denying that when it comes to lyrics, Slim Shady has the talent for it.

Rolling Stones described the eight-minute track which uses minimalist synth as a “dizzying assault of rhythmic gymnastics.” Since the rap single is an attack against Trump, it opened up with the usual line Trump supporters would always use in defense of him.

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“But you should be afraid of this dang candidate/ You say Trump don’t kiss ass like a puppet?” begins the rap and went on to make fun of the Republican frontrunner calling him a loose cannon.

Then he went on dissing Trump supporters one by one. He mentioned Chuck Norris comparing him to a dinosaur. He did not spare even Robin Thicke whom he called a d***k. The message is not easy on the ears, especially for Trump supporters but the artistry and how he managed to put all these rhyming lyrics together shows that Eminem is back in his game and in tip-top shape.He confirmed in a tweet that he is working on an album which ‘Campaign Speech’ will be a part of.

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The rap became an instant hit and it drew a lot of response already from both sides. The most notable response was from Louisiana senate candidate David Duke who instantly took to Twitter and said that Eminem has been ‘poisoning the mind of our youths.’ He also called the rapper a puppet of Jimmy Iovine and Paul Rosenberg.

Wonder what Trump has to say when he hears this song as he once praised Eminem back in 2004 when he visited the rapper’s party.

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