Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield back together, actress says she ‘still loves’ former flame

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

Could love be in the air again for Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?

For the former half of their relationship, it may seem so, as Stone, in an interview with Vogue magazine, seemed to have hinted of still having feelings for the Amazing Spider-Man actor.

“He (Garfield) is someone I still love very much,” shared Stone with the fashion magazine. “I’m really glad you’re sitting down so I can tell you.”

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The celebrity couple confirmed their breakup in October, last year, but reports have always indicated that the two Hollywood stars remained friends. US Weekly even reported that the two “still had a lot of love for one another and remain close.”

So could this closeness have rekindled the flame for the Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield?

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield spotted together in London

The two were also spotted out together in London last August, seemingly happy, while taking a stroll around the city. But sources confirmed that the two remained friends and that they were “definitely not dating” reported People magazine.

Despite this, the two have been also spotted together on other occasions since their breakup, once in Los Angeles, also in August and another time in Venice, back in May. Stone has also hinted of her loneliness, after having stayed single for a year, already.

“It’s been interesting,” shared Stone when asked about the single life. “It’s been a good year. And sad. Pros and cons.” And of course, Andrew Garfield swings in to save the day.

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Meanwhile, Stone was also promoting her upcoming and much anticipated movie La La Land, where she stars opposite another Hollywood friend, Ryan Gosling. The old-fashioned musical is also getting a lot of Oscar buzz all thanks to Stone’s portrayal of struggling actress Mia.

“It was nice to be friends with the person you’re doing all this crazy stuff with — learning to ballroom dance or sing duets live,” Stone shared, referring to Gosling, whom she has previously starred with in Crazy, Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad.

La la land hits theaters on December 2.

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