Empire Season 3 on a brief hiatus; Nia Long joins cast to give Cookie competition

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Episode 7 of Empire season 3 did not air last November 23, much to the dismay of its fans. This is because Thanksgiving is this week, so the show went on a brief hiatus until next week. The hit Fox show will return next Wednesday, November 30, on its usual 9 PM EST timeslot.

Last week, somebody hacked the Lyons’ Empire Records, exposing their little dirty secrets to the public. We found out that Andre was behind the whole thing just so that he could get a promotion.

Next Wednesday, in Empire episode 7 titled What We May Be, fans will get to know more about Cookie’s past. And judging from the promo/sneak peek video of the upcoming episode, she’s none too pleased about her family secrets brought to light.

The official synopsis of episode 7 via TV Guide goes:

Cookie looks to Candace for tips on how to plan an elaborate family dinner that will impress Angelo’s mother, Diane (guest star Phylicia Rashad). Meanwhile, old home videos cause Cookie to face secrets about her relationship with her father that she had tried to hide from her kids, and Andre organizes an unlikely duet.

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Video Courtesy: Empire/YouTube

A preview of the episode shows Breakfast Club radio host Charlamagne tha God slamming Jamal for falling off the music scene after he was shot by Freda Gatz. “Jamal is going through it,” actor Jussie Smollett says in the video. “So now there’s even more to prove. This pushes Jamal over the edge.”

To help him get over his PTSD from the shooting, Jamal finds old videos from Cookie’s childhood. However, Cookie doesn’t seem happy that he dug up the personal video. “It makes him understand Cookie,” Smollett explains.

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The promo also shows Cookie’s family dinner completely falling apart. Hakeem tries to play dad to Bella, Andre is nowhere to be seen, Jamal is high on meds and Lucious tells Diane that his wife Anika just gave birth to his son’s baby.

Another short preview of the upcoming episode shows Cookie giving a little more detail about her childhood secret. She explains that her father was her “life” until she met Lucious. Fans will get to know more about Cookie’s father in the upcoming episode.

In other news, Nia Long is set to appear on the 3rd season of Empire as a recurring character named Giuliana. She is a queenpin who manages a club in Las Vegas. She is not above making unscrupulous back room deals to keep the club to get ahead and to secure a deal with Empire Records.

The description of Long’s character is sleek, sexy and cold-bloodied. She will reportedly get close with Lucious while make an enemy with Cookie. But as she works with Lucious and Cookie, she will be forced to reckon with her own past.


Video Courtesy: Empire/YouTube

Video Courtesy: Television Promos/YouTube

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