Erin Andrews threw up after FBI made her watch the peephole video [Testimonial Video]

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Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews, who is a popular American sportscaster and journalist, broke down while giving her testimonial on the stand this Monday. She was speaking about how she learned she was being recorded through a peephole in the Nashville hotel. The man accused of recording her footage is Michael David Barrett.

Andrew mentioned that it “ripped her apart” when everyone in the society accused the video of being a publicity stunt. She went on to claim that she was “ashamed” of the incident, as reported by Daily Mail.

ESPN, her employer at the time asked clarifications from Andrews regarding her involvement in the incident. Erin Andrews went on to share her views with Oprah Winfrey revealing her side of the story.

Michael David Barrett, the man accused used to follow Andrew around and used to stay in rooms next to her. Barrett was arrested in October 2009. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

“I just remember that the media attention was getting worse and worse. The video was out. My name was attached to the video.” Andrews said.

Andrews was providing testimonial for the $75 million stalker lawsuit she filed against the Nashville Marriott and Barrett. She confirmed that FBI made her watch the four and a half minute video, which made her throw up.

“No one ever called me. They could have stopped this, and I’m so angry, I’m so mad.” Andrews said on the owner and operator of the Marriott at Vanderbilt.

She has also claimed that she receives tweets from people on her Twitter account containing stills from the released video. Andrews suffers occasional break down and experiences psychological trauma, which has continuously haunted her since the video was released.

“She is a shell of her former self.” Steve Andrews, Erin’s father said last Wednesday.

Here is the video of Erin Andrews breaking down during her testimonial.

Photo and Video courtesy: YouTube.com/CNN

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