Exclusive: New York Giants’ Odell Beckham and Rihanna Dating? Details Revealed

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When Rihanna wants it, she wants it bad.

A source close to the Diamond Ball queen recently revealed that the singer has a secret crush on New York Giants’ Odell Beckham. The crush as the source reveals is on the “highest level.”

Speaking to Hollywood Life, the source revealed that Rihanna wants him bad: “Simply speaking, Odell can get it. Rihanna would rock his little world,” the source said.

“She’s secretly attracted to him on the highest level. Quiet as it’s kept, they’re talking. It’s just texting and whatnot. It’s super platonic. For the first time ever in her life, she’s shy. She doesn’t want him to know just how much she wants him.”

Acknowledging the fact that the 27 year old singer has a thing for bad boys, the source further adds, “She loves looking at his body, especially his a** in those tights. She has a thing for bad boys, and Odell is in on her mind real tough.”

Currently, Rihanna and the NFL superstar are just friends but as the source reveals Rihanna is interested in being more than just friends.

“They’re friendly and Rihanna hasn’t told him that she’s interested in being more than just friends but that certainly is what she secretly wants,” the source said.

However, for the past few months Rihanna has been getting too close to American rapper and recorder producer Travis Scott and have been spotted together a number of times. But Hollywood Life reports a source telling that Rihanna is not yet ready to settle into one relationship, in fact she doesn’t want to settle down into just one relationship. According to the source, she doesn’t want to be tamed.

Rihanna is also reportedly being accused of being the reason for Rita Ora-Jay Z’s legal fight with reports claiming that the Bitch Better Have My Money singer has used her power in Jay Z’s record label Roc Nation to ensure that Rita Ora’s career is not treated as top priority.

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