Exclusive Q&A with Ana Julaton: Talks Golden State Warriors, Crispy Pata & Missing the Philippines

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Boxing champion and One Championship’s MMA fighter, Ana “The Hurricane” Julaton is here in Manila to compete against Irina Mazepa at the One Championship: Spirit of Champions event at the Mall of Asia Arena this coming Friday, December 10, 2015.

We had a chance to catch up with Ana and here are things that she has to say about Manila, her favorite Filipino dish and the red-hot Golden State Warriors.

Q: What are the things you miss about being here in the Philippines?

Julaton: Obviously the food [and] the people, big time. It’s amazing because every time I come here, everyone here is welcoming and [they] always want to help out. It’s such an awesome feeling just to know that you can go to your parents’ hometown and just have everyone treat you like family. It’s nice.

I’m a road warrior in boxing. I’ve been to Canada, fought in Argentina, and in Mexico. It’s nice to be a Filipino, and with the Filipinos supporting. I take a lot of pride in that and it makes me proud.

Q: Which home-cooked food do you miss the most?

Julaton: It’s funny, we’re going up and down the street of Metro Manila and I see Crispy Pata and all that good stuff. I’m a big fan of sinigang bangus or pork, the adobo. But what I really want to get is the authentic sapin-sapin. They don’t make it the same in the United States, that’s why I look forward to it. I want to take care of business in my fight and enjoy authentic, real Filipino cuisine.

Q: Tell us your about love affair with basketball and the Golden State Warriors.

Julaton: It’s something I grew up with. My parents are big Golden State Warriors fans. They’re awesome with the Filipino community. They always have Filipino Heritage night and it’s a big deal. There’s a lot of Filipinos in the Bay Area. And I heard Steph Curry came out here in the Philippines and it’s been amazing. My dad bought me a Steph Curry jersey and I better wear it in one of these media days.

Q: How does it feel being honored during the Warriors’ Filipino Heritage Night?

Julaton: They’re huge, huge supporters of a lot of Filipino people in the community, whether they are athletes, culinary cooks, singers, dancers, doctors, and so forth. It’s pretty awesome.




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