Fifty Shades actor Jamie Dornan divorcing wife; Actor rumored to be jealous of Cara Delevingne’s relationship with Dakota Johnson

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Fifty Shades actor Jamie Dornan
Fifty Shades actor Jamie Dornan

Rumors are now swirling that Fifty Shades actor Jamie Dornan is already making the necessary moves to divorce his wife Amelia Warner due to persistent fights with co-star Dakota Johnson. Reports are also indicating that because of the more intense love and BDSM scenes of Fifty Shades Darker, the relationship between Dornan and Johnson have become increasingly physical, prompting Warner to doubt her husband’s faithfulness.

Other reports seem to indicate otherwise, though, saying that the rumors are simply for publicity and the promotion of Fifty Shades of Grey sequel. But more and more fans are starting to believe that Dornan and Johnson are beginning to mix both fantasy and reality.

There has also been speculation that Dornan has already bought a Hollywood Mansion as preparation for his supposed separation from Warner. Rumors are that he is preparing this home to be his love nest with his fifty shades co-star.

Fifty Shades actor Jamie Dornan jealous of Cara Delevingne?

Meanwhile, Dakota Johnson seems to be entering a relationship of her own as the star was rumored to be dating Cara Delevingne. Reports are saying that the 27-year old actress was seen cozying about with Delevingne after the model/ actress heard about ex-girlfriend St. Vincent’s relationship with Kristen Stewart.

“The girls ended up becoming so close that they are now inseparable and have been spotted not only hanging out with Taylor’s group of pre-selected friends, but with one another even though they are yet to confirm their relationship,” sources reported.

Putting another Hollywood twist into this already multi-layer series of affairs, speculation is that Jamie Dornan is also feeling a bit of jealousy in the entire Johnson and Delevingne relationship.

But contrary to all these reports, Fifty Shades actor Jamie Dornan seems to confirm that his relationship is intact, even admitting to be looking forward to a being a hands-on father to his two little children with Warner.

“I want to be a very hands-on father and I have been so far with both of my children,” shared Dornan. “At times, I’ve been very frustrated that I’ve had to work so soon after my wife going through that (childbirth) because you want to be there as much as you can.”

Regardless, it seems that the Dornan Johnson relationship has really caught the attention of the entire world. Will it play out to their advantage once the movie is out though?

Find our when Fifty Shades Darker is released on Feb. 10, 2017.

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