Finding Dory finds a record-breaking opening day

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Finding Dory
Photo courtesy: Finding Dory/Facebook

Pixar has finally found their way to the top of the box office through Finding Dory.

Projected estimate for the Finding Nemo sequel has already been raised to $140 million for the opening weekend. The sequel to Finding Nemo has already clocked in at an unprecedented $55 million estimate for its first day alone.

Central Intelligence which stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson trails a far second with $13 million, Box Office Mojo lists.

If Finding Dory continues to ride on its high tide of moviegoers, it will break the long standing record of Shrek The Third’s opening amounting to $121.6 million. Minions will then have to settle for a third at $115.7 million.

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It seems Disney’s Pixar has done good, making audiences wait for more than a decade to release a much-clamored for sequel to Finding Nemo.

Turning the spotlight on the much-loved forgetful tropical fish, Dory goes through the film searching for her long lost family. Dory has also secured a stronghold of followers with 25 million likes on Facebook.

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Rotten Tomatoes has rated Finding Dory with a 95% certified fresh rating. Reviews are also in and it only makes for strong case as to why moviegoers should check it out.

“Funny, poignant, and thought-provoking, Finding Dory delivers a beautifully animated adventure that adds another entertaining chapter to its predecessor’s classic story,” reads the refreshing review on the site.

The sequel comes after 13 years. but the movie plot happens just months after Nemo is reunited with his dad. A cranky octopus plays the new sidekick with Nemo, voiced by a new kid actor. Of course, what with more than a decade in between, the original actor’s voice has changed.

Pixar released Finding Dory in 4,305 U.S. theaters last Friday, June 17.

Photo courtesy: Finding Dory/Facebook

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