The Flash Season 3 News, Spoilers and Updates: Upcoming season synopsis revealed; Barry Allen to lose power

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After months of speculation about the implications of the speedster’s mucking with the time stream, The CW has finally revealed the official synopsis of the premiere episode of season three of The Flash.

Following what happened in The Flash season 2, Barry Allen (Gustin Grant) had created a portal into the past and at the scene of his mother’s crime. He had prevented the fatal blow made by the Reverse Flash (Matt Letscher) that should have killed his mother resulting of the creation of a different timeline called the Flashpoint timeline.

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Incidentally, The Flash season 3’s premiere episode is also entitled as Flashpoint. According to the DC Universe comic lore, Flashpoint was the name of the crossover event miniseries in which Barry’s attempt to save his mother resulted in a mangled timestream where the world wavered on the brink of destruction. The timestream was disturbed resulting to impact events like Superman’s landing on earth (he was hidden from the sun in a cell by the government) and Bruce Wayne’s murder as a child (instead, Thomas Wayne became Batman).

In the TV series, the impact will be more localized to Barry. In it, the alternate universe will be more favorable to him than his true timeline. There, his father is out of jail and his mother is alive. But he is no longer The Flash and there is a new speedster running around Central City called Kid Flash. As he begins to lose his powers, he can finally ask Iris West (Candice Patton) on a date like a normal guy.

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But according to the official synopsis released by the CW, there will be serious consequences to the people Barry Allen left behind in his true universe. Although he had trapped Reverse Flash into a cage, the former speedster will begin to lose his powers alongside his memories. His family and friends at Star Labs will not remember who he is, and neither does Iris herself.

What he thought was a perfect universe was a delusion as his old enemies were merely replaced by new ones. Barry Allen will be forced to decide whether he wants to stay normal or go back to being The Flash.

The Flash season three premiere, “Flashpoint,” will air on October 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Photo courtesy: YouTube.com/Television Promos

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